The best apology is changed behavior.

I treat words like they hold triggers.

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In case you were wondering what Big Tech CEOs really have planned for you after they're done censoring you and bankrupting conservatives, a former Twitter CEO says people who believe in capitalism should be, "lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution."

And there ya go. They're not even hiding it anymore. This is what Leftists plan to do if we don't engage them and STOP them first.

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For most people it's hard to trade comfort against freedom. They feel safe in their known environment, even if it's a cage.
One can only escape from prison when he realizes he's in one.

You could tell them from your adventures behind the walls, so they become curious to see it by themselves. If they aren't interested at all then it might be the best to leave them there. You will find new friends with similar interests as yours.

Been trying to use Signal but have only achieved to use it to chat with my gf; nobody wants to leave WhatsApp!

Words are sometimes autonomous little demons who like to form their own parade and march away, leaving us behind.

It has been long way now since @digdeeper introduced me to online privacy early this year. His article about the best email providers out there got me immediately leaving services like Gmail and Outlook. Without a doubt, providers like “Disroot” and specially “Riseup”, are the best thing it has ever happened to me.

Hello! I'm new to Mastodon. I decided to join in as a protest to the current popular, privacy violator, social networks.


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