alacritty/alacritty: A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator

Alacritty is a terminal emulator with a strong focus on simplicity and performance. With such a strong focus on performance, included features are carefully considered and you can always expect Alacritty to be blazingly fast.

I've been installing void linux :void: with disk encryption today, a great adventure for a cold sunday!

wich one do you use?

Which BSD do you prefer? And why?

I installed emacs inside neovim... I just invoked the devil. :emacs: 👹

Today I've been working with async for a personal project. Anyone knows where to find updated docmentation about it? 😭

2019 Was a Record Year for Ocean Temperatures, Data Show
A new analysis found 2019 was the hottest for the world's oceans. The five hottest years have also be in the past five years. #climatechange #climatecrisis

Who the fuck came with the extraordinary idea that I need permission to use other people's written words or code?

Thank God I don't need a license to speak.


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