I have reviewed some interactive fiction, recently. I did some Hugo site. interactivefiction.eu/

Time for a visual novel. The story is fairly linear, with smaller strays. The theme is how cultural products impact on everyday life's choices through some teenager's life. There is some educational goal in the game, but there is simple discovery mode, which is faster and maybe more fun. jag.itch.io/culture-overlord

I had a request to rewrite an old game of mine (Death on Psych Ward) for visually impaired people. It means that a 8-bit retro game has to transformed an interactive fiction kind. I looked into Inform 7, but it is too special language, I have to implement it in JavaScript. I think i can manage it with some while cycles, where i put the bigger program parts. Unfortunatelly it's all in Hungarian for now.

This game is based on the famous puzzle of trying to bring a carnivore, an herbivore and some plant across a river where you only have enough room for one at a time. The essence of the task is that we can take care of them, not to consume each other. There is an extra puzzle in the game, and there are some extra actions implemented. Your grandmother say that bring a sheep, a cabbage and a “stinky” bear. A source file and a short walkthrough comes with the game. ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=pa09

Another amateurish project i've found recently is wordsnotpictures.com/ . It contains a stand alone interactive fiction engine, called Sytches. There is a script language to write games, and an example game. Another game is released to it, The Good Time (maz-r.itch.io/the-good-time). I found these games more professional and enjoyable. They are well balanced. Unfortunatelly very few games are available for this engine. Maybe more will be done in the future. It is a promising project, too.

I've discovered recently Gaslight Games, which has an interesting theme for games. On the gaslight.games/ site i found both 8 bit retro game made by RPG Maker MV (Lamplight Hollow) and interactive fiction made by Twine (LED Gaslight). Lamplight Hollow was a bit surreal dream-themed rpg, LED Gaslight was about co-workers logs in a working place' server. They were no fully professionally implemented, but they were ok. They are both online playable games, i recommend them to play through.

Hello, Fosstodon people! I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and run some webpages from it. I like Ubuntu and Raspbian more than Windows 10. I am from Hungary. I am an interactive fiction player, and sometimes, reviewer.

I prefer web 1.0 solutions rather than web 2.0, interested in , both in Hungarian and in English, lately. I know and use free gaming engines, eg. Twine, now i'm trying to learn Inform 7 in order to make some parser based interactive fiction.


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