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No Mozilla. Stop this nonsense. You're saying its ok to like FB and then in the next breath saying they are so untrustworthy that you created a whole new feature to isolate them.

Pandemic thoughts 

@kelbot I feel the same. Certainly some new habits have been formed as a result of these times, and more yet to be formed.

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Pandemic thoughts 

Even though I doubt we will maintain this level of self sufficiency on the other side of all this (if we ever get there) I think a lot of us will come out of it with new habits and skills that we hadn't explored up to this point. I know I will. With cooking I am baking bread, trying lots of new recipes and even improvising. Not something I was doing or even interested in doing before.

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we really need to stop normalizing/idolizing "<person> is a complete asshole, but they have a knack for <some skill>, so we put up with it."

you are a human being before a you are a skill-doer.

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@EthicalTanuki This is actually so real, and a problem I see so often with schools, just in general. They seem to have no good idea about software, and just take whatever proprietary software they can see, even when there are better, cheaper/free, open source alternatives, without even thinking if students can access them.

At my school, very few people even know what Linux is, for example. Only a handful of people in the CS department, and the technicians of course, but nobody respects them :/

Setting up my daughter’s laptop after having removed Win10 and trying out a few distros. Landed on which I think she’s going to like.

@rsnhk My favourite is . It’s a markdown editor and handles image resources fairly well in my experience

@gxtony True. I guess I should have mentioned that I power down every night anyway. I only run it when I know we're going to be using it in our house

@gxtony No joke. It's been pretty reliable I have to say

It’s been just over a month now that I’ve been using as my daily driver and it’s been amazing.

Since then I've also set up a windowless Arch server to use as a media server running . I have definitely learned a lot over the past few weeks.

@codeHaiku Thanks. I had also considered with Cinnamon as DE.

@codeHaiku I was surprised when I'd read this. It's too bad as my daughter is getting a laptop soon and I wanted to put an Arch based OS on there, like Manjaro. I may try Endeavour OS instead.

And for video-conferencing, Jitsi Meet? @Tutanota @libreoffice

Thankful to have a weight machine in my home office.

I’m fitting in random sets of exercises throughout the day and feeling good as a result.

@kev was by far the trickiest app for me to de-Facebook from earlier this year. It was as though I’d actually offended some chat group members when I told them was getting rid of — including WhatsApp.

It’s for me, and hopefully soon more of my friends and family as well.

Hey everyone, nice to be a part of this instance.


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