I was looking to top up my phone and this is even more interesting to use my Irish or Swedish number in the EU instead of the Belgian one.

@PINE64 Will you be at next week? Do you sell hardware there?

Not if you use a disposable VM like you can do with Qube OS but yeah if someone is powerful enough he/they can always get in. Privacy doesn't exist anymore. Even you phone is a bug.

Blocking WebRTC and if you are a purist, blocking proprietary JS. See privacytools.io

I think this is because people have to be more educated to use an alternative protocol like Activity Pub.

Using my internet connection without DoH + all the privacy extensions + privacy tweaks + VPN + Tor.

Found a dice. Gonna generate true random passwords with it. Unless we are living in a simulation. world.std.com/%7Ereinhold/dice

I suspect non free softwares and hardware are involved!

@xavi I think yeah its time for an upgrade. Look for a used or refurbished Thinkpad. That's the best deal out here. You could use you old one as a home server or something.

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