Dealing with another kind of malware tonight. A fresh build of . Let's see what G is doing or will they see me first?

Trying out on my g7 Power. Less foss than as I had to unroot my phone for some apps and to install the gapps pico but the battery saving is impressive. I'm at 90% after a day of use.

I got almost banned by Max, the co-founder of Keybase just for asking when does the airdrop was. 😂

-"IT Service Desk how may I help you? No let me guess... Another password reset?1 Yeah I have you back buddy!"

Dax the duck :duckduckgo: is giving away shitty advice.

Alternative to Android to get ride of Google --> iOS! (It's not Dark or White)

What about using Android without Google with @fdroidorg and Lineage OS :lineageos2: or something else for instance? (The whole Shadow of Gray between.)

The world need you @PINE64, and @postmarketOS!

That alright, Dax is just a Duck after all.

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