I can finally pretend I'm working for CERN with this necklace.

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Configured for password vault, sudo command, OTP, FIDO passwordless, login and LUKS. If I loose the key I'm fucked.

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@rob I got my yubico security key on Friday, and i've set it up with nearly everything I wanted it for. It's required to login to my thinkpad, work pc, sudo, github, google accounts. I wasn't able to use it in conjunction with my password store, as the only function this card has is fido2. the gpg app is only on the 'yubikey' branded devices, not the cheaper security key. It didn't work for Lastpass either (my work's password store) because LP doesn't natively support fido2.

@rob As the password store functionality was my biggest reason for using the key, I'll need to consider spending more money for a supported yubikey like the 5 series, or wait for password-store and lastpass to include support for fido2.

@rob I was also disappointed to see that no service I use takes advantage the Resident Credentials features the key provides.

@unicornfarts Thinking about getting another one for backup but yeah it's getting expensive... but you data are precious. I think everybody should use hardware key and be more cautious but most of the people don't care about privacy or aren't educated.

@unicornfarts it works great with Keepass tho. (the Yubikey 5)

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