I am deeply disgusted by the mentality of the people here. I through I had friends but those are lying because they are jealous and don't even notice how horrible they are. I just to be back in America where the people were real.

@rob sorry to hear that. What country are you in currently?

@rob it's humanity in general, not Belgians, Americans, or any particular group for that matter. The only way we can interact with any form of civility is through grace with each other. And grace is not a natural human tendency.

@jiminycricket @rob can't help myself, what you mean by civility is socialisation, which is the outcome of beneficial govt
- problem is, even assholes get socialized, become civil, then, a year later, surprise you w their real colours !!!
- wonder how finland deals ???

@rob wow, I never thot I would hear 'america' and 'people are real' in the same sentence

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