@switchingsoftware Hey, I am looking for an ethical alternative for LinkedIn cause I need a job and don't like Microsoft that much.

@rob It doesn't exist. The whole point of linkedin is that everyone uses it and knows about it. Even if there was an ethical version with 1,000 users, the odds of a job available and relevant to you are super slim. A sad state of affairs. we've built our society on bad tech.

@cavaliertusky @rob
Stop thinking you need #LinkedIn. When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn that was the time to bail. There are plenty of ways to distribute a CV.

The only thing LinkedIn has going for it is re-connecting to old colleagues who you lost touch with. But do you want to be the bait by which MS forces past friends to give up their ph#? Not worth it.

#boycott #Microsoft #deleteLinkedIn

@resist1984 Oh I didn't mean to defend stinkedin! Its turning into a social network like facebook anyway, not a place for "real" work.

@resist1984 @cavaliertusky I'm hosting all my websites home with virtual-host/nginx on a raspberry pi. Will do it to present me resume as well.

Hi again @rob ,

I'm only aware of #vutuv, but haven't used it. Seems to work without trackers and is open-source:

@rob @switchingsoftware Might not satisfy your requirements, but if you just need an online resume or portfolio, you should make yourself a website! Mine is intended to be used that way:

Source here:

@LPS @switchingsoftware That's totally true. And when you translate you job or study title in english for instance that change "Diplome de Gestion" by "Certificat in MGMT" and looks directly more serious. 😂

@rob @switchingsoftware i find it funny how the people even have slightly different pictures with coloured backgrounds, trendy looks etc:)

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