Hello @switchingsoftware. I came in peace and am looking for a more ethical and open source alternative to . Show me what you have in back store! 😜

Hi @rob ,

I'm not aware of a single drop-in-replacement for #keybase 🤔 Here are some ideas:

💬 End-to-end-encrypted chat
- #Matrix / #Riot
- #XMPP with OMEMO encryption

🔒 Encrypted Storage
- #Nextcloud
- maybe #Syncthing for some use cases

🔗 Linking keys to accounts
- Sorry, I'm inexperienced here 😅
- for PGP keys: Public PGP key servers
- for Mastodon: profile link to website with key infos + "rel=me" link

Gonna share your post for more feedback on this 🙂

@switchingsoftware @rob For OpenPGP keys, I recommend to use WKD. When you own a domain, that's definitely the perfect way to go.

Otherwise you might want to reach out to @wiktor about his work on OpenPGP key based verification of accounts :)

@sheogorath @switchingsoftware @rob @wiktor definitely use WKD rather than the keyservers. The keyservers are a dumpster fire.

Yep, as it has been said WKD is definitely the way to go. If one doesn’t control their domain is an alternative but with some caveats.

As for “OpenPGP key based verification of accounts” that Sheogorath mentioned this is something that I took from Keybase, tweaked a little and made decentralized.

Check out this page: It’s completely generated from my OpenPGP key fetched from

Currently there are no pretty wizards to add proofs to your keys so it’s manually adjusting your social profiles (GitHub, HackerNews, Mastodon, etc.) and manually adding proof links to your OpenPGP key. For details see:

If you then push your updated key to the key info page will generate something similar to my key.

@switchingsoftware @rob I have the same problem with keybase, xmpp, matrix, signal, telegram, delta chat, and so on: everybody I know uses whatsapp

Hi @racuna ,

so you can be the first who offers an alternative channel of communication 🙂

Maybe, install one or two alternatives next to Whatsapp. And then share your new contact details via status or chat or real-life-conversation. Some might give it a try if you light the way 💬

Because "everybody" uses Whatsapp, but not everybody feels comfortable using it. The entry barrier for other messengers decreases when there is someone, who receives and appreciates a first test message. You ✉️

@switchingsoftware when WhatsApp stop working, people switch to telegram for a couple of hours. Then they comeback to Whatsapp again.

if they want to install something else, other people just wait until WhatsApp start working again, because they don't want to install anything different than the usual

(I'm taking about non techie people in my circles: friends, family, etc)

Not the OP but I guess: centralized, proprietary service with unclear financing model. Some people didn’t like the cryptocurrency move too.


Furthermore, I think you should always have other alternatives, even if you are fine with your current choice. Things may change - and then it's good to be aware of your options 🙃


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