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- Biking all the way from Berlin, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden.

Thank you all for have been following me during the whole journey, the advices, donations and encouragements!

I never felt alone. ❤️

@regines Please can you send me a message on my irish number on Signal I lost you and would like to talk to someone.

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Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases #privacy

to @ziegel who is a big fan of , @normandc because he's from Quebec, @cavaliertusky who put his shoes on the sofa, @Matter who love to act like you dad, @Tayo for his big belly and @regines as she said my english was cute. 😂

I've been actually watching "Best Moment of Derry Girls" on YouTube and that's hilarious. All the cliche about the republic and northern Ireland are occurred. 😂

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@Gargron can you add hardware key auth please?🤩

@KeybaseIO You are full of shit I'm leaving you platform.

Configured for password vault, sudo command, OTP, FIDO passwordless, login and LUKS. If I loose the key I'm fucked.

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I can finally pretend I'm working for CERN with this necklace.

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Listening to this epic Joe Rogan's podcast with Alex Jones as a guest. WTF 😂

I've managed to install a GSI version of Lineage OS on my backup phone. That make another device free from G. :lineageos: :lineageos:

Sometimes I'm feel a bit like Jean-Luc Picard.

Trying to get ride of this on the Android Q AOSP build.

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