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- Biking all the way from Berlin, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden.

Thank you all for have been following me during the whole journey, the advices, donations and encouragements!

I never felt alone. ❤️

Imagine believing money has value after Nixon was elected president. 😂

You can fool yourself if you want. Anyway all the feds are printing unlimited money which gonna engender an inflation and devaluation of you own wealth, borders are closed and hospitals are not able to cope with what's gonna arrive everywhere. We will be the witnesses of the end of 500 years of capitalism and of a global recession. Maybe we have deserved that after all. Humans are bad.

I already don't have any help in my own country because my work in isn't recognize by the government so I can't work and I can't have any temporary social welfare. I can either suicide myself or doing something illegal to take what I should have myself. I have even more right in Ireland but am stock in this fucking country.

won't happen because of the current pandemic and economical crisis and the dishonesty of this corrupted government from the right was don't refund me my residency and working permit. I'll move for sure but definitively not in Canada.

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3 months and I still have not a single reply from Immigration and Citizenship Canada. I've called in Canada, the local Embassy, send numerous mail and even tweets to IEC and fucking Justin Trudeau! Even the States were more welcoming to me when I was there. , and the rest.

@resist1984 what would you advise as an alternative to DDG as a Search Engine?

Thanks everyone for just being here. ❤️

I'm trying out an alternative to who doesn't need you phone number to create an account called .
Here's my ID if you want to try it with me : 05311d74ee3dd8110f0454168b9e370c77764309e5d0c1aac377822a5546adf83b

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“Americans with disabilities should not be an afterthought for tech companies… And they should be able to easily learn why they were targeted by those ads, just like everyone else.”

via Claire Brotherton on Twitter

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@regines Please can you send me a message on my irish number on Signal I lost you and would like to talk to someone.

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Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases #privacy

to @ziegel who is a big fan of , @normandc because he's from Quebec, @cavaliertusky who put his shoes on the sofa, @Matter who love to act like you dad, @Tayo for his big belly and @regines as she said my english was cute. 😂

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