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- Biking all the way from Berlin, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden.

Thank you all for have been following me during the whole journey, the advices, donations and encouragements!

I never felt alone. ❤️

When Google corrupts your politicians, your schools (#GSuite), your newspapers (#GNI), your web, your emails, your universities, .., you expect ".org"s like the #FSFE to be your last resort and to defend you.

But when you discover that also the FSFE is financed by Google (2013-2020), it is finally time to #panic:

#rms & #FSF fought #Google even in court:

Is the @fsfe in the position to do the same?

@FuckOffGoogle @aral

an interesting addition to the notion that "coders should be activists"[1]:

> At present, Palantir has 188 repositories hosted on GitHub, which rely on thousands of open source projects. Every dependency in use by ICE and Palantir contributes to human rights violations. Each dependency is a stone in the wall between reality and the dream of open source as a champion of freedom, liberty and equality.
(made by @CoralineAda and others)


Was watching Joe Rogan podcast with Elon Musk as a guest before going to sleep. Had a dream were he was asking me if I was planning to do DMT any time soon. 😆

Seeing at Kortrijk, Belgium, the author of my fav book Sapiens and Homodeus at UCLeuven today. He gonna talk about the dangers of .

I was looking to top up my phone and this is even more interesting to use my Irish or Swedish number in the EU instead of the Belgian one.

@PINE64 Will you be at next week? Do you sell hardware there?

Found a dice. Gonna generate true random passwords with it. Unless we are living in a simulation.

My work permit application has been send to the CBSA. Looking forward to be back soon! 🇨🇦

USA geoblocking EU citizens 

I could have been a policy expert or a trophy wife but noooooooo I had to become a so now I'm stuck figuring out why on earth our apps suddenly aren't available anymore for one of my coworkers in Botswana???

Found out about Mullvad VPN. Looks pretty good, open source (before, and like ProtonVPN). Any comparisons? I'm not married to Proton, but they've done good work.

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