I see the federation as absolute win.
Predicting the future:
- Gab finally switches to their Mastodon fork
- some Gab users switch to their own hosting, as Gab source code must be open since Mastodon is on a strong copyleft license (AGPL-3.0), so they have Pro features for free/much cheaper
- Gab.com dies, as their financing doesn't work anymore, but the source code is again forked by someone and it's a good contribution to fediverse, some improvements even get commited back to Mastodon


screenshot and archive it, I'll donate 100 PLN (~26.71 USD or ~23.47 EUR today) to a charity if it doesn't happen in 2 years


One problem would be that the creator of Mastodon doesn't really enforce the license as seen with counter.social

@succfemboi @koyu everything looks like they'll be respecting it, the code they are currently working on is open source now and even there's a working (in technical way, it's way too buggy for everyday use) instance run by @m4sk1n - exited.eu

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