I see the federation as absolute win.
Predicting the future:
- Gab finally switches to their Mastodon fork
- some Gab users switch to their own hosting, as Gab source code must be open since Mastodon is on a strong copyleft license (AGPL-3.0), so they have Pro features for free/much cheaper
- dies, as their financing doesn't work anymore, but the source code is again forked by someone and it's a good contribution to fediverse, some improvements even get commited back to Mastodon

screenshot and archive it, I'll donate 100 PLN (~26.71 USD or ~23.47 EUR today) to a charity if it doesn't happen in 2 years


One problem would be that the creator of Mastodon doesn't really enforce the license as seen with

@succfemboi @koyu everything looks like they'll be respecting it, the code they are currently working on is open source now and even there's a working (in technical way, it's way too buggy for everyday use) instance run by @m4sk1n -

@rnickson everything but the last point is what they expect
I think gabpro will be more like a type of donation then and some people will keep donating to gab ai inc

@rnickson I dunno, it feels to me like the impact of giving reactionaries a platform far outweighs any possible benefit

@rnickson Oh man, someone here needs to start the free alt-gab instance with gab pro features, just to help the process along.

@rnickson they're taking away's censorship on the federated feed, which has been a problem for many for a long time. I didn't expect that situation to last. If it wasn't Gab, it would have been somebody else.
Gab tweets indicated they plan to make money off hosting Mastodon-Gab servers.

@fossviking @rnickson "They're taking away's censorship on the federated feed"

Wanna explain what you think you mean by that?

@Gargron @rnickson they're joining Purism's hands-off approach. the one you said on May 7 that you disagreed with.

@Gargron @rnickson you will probably wonder one day why everyone left old Mastodon for new Mastodon. I will answer the question then.

@fossviking @rnickson What I'm getting is that you have not the faintest clue what "federated feed" means 😂

@Gargron @rnickson before Gab, 3 nstances had 1 million of the users and a handfui of cliquish leftist nerds controlled what they saw in the federated feed.
Gab's got 1 million of their own users on day 1.
the situation today is a lot like IRCnet vs Efnet in the 90s. your fiefdom is soon to shrink.

@fossviking @rnickson You absolutely don't get how federation works do you? Imagine thinking the federated feed is a physical thing controlled by some entity and not just a view of all posts known by whatever instance you're on lmao

@rnickson There's plenty of demand for sites and services such as 4chan and Gab but they've always been difficult to monetize to pay even their upkeep. Multiple instances and federation could very well be the future for such sites and services.

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