no matter how many technologies you are familiar/proficient with there will always be a longer list of technologies for which you have little to no familiarity or proficiency.

it is this second list whose members will jump out at you most when looking through job descriptions.

don't let the second list intimidate you. every skill in the list of things you count as your skillset was once listed on the second list, too.

@djsundog another thing i've noticed is that while many people are comfortable with "their" technologies, a great deal aren't comfortable operating in the in-between areas.

if you're experienced in the fuzzy areas between technologies, your skills are probably much more in demand than you realize.

do not discount all the "glue" scripts you've written, those are called "pipelines" in enterprise... ;)


@twitter @djsundog I mean shit my job is like 75% gluing systems not designed to talk to each other together

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