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How do you do note taking and knowledge base stuff? Would love to hear about different approaches to organization, what software is used (if at all), etc.

My contribution is that I'm looking forward to trying about nb. It's a single Bash script for note taking that has lots of features.



With all the attention is getting I'm waiting for one of my IRL friends who weren't interested when I told them about it to tell me about it

Writing a bash script to push updates to my RSS Reader when my youtube-dl channel hoarding scripts download new videos. sed is pretty cool I guess!

So why should I, as an average punter, care about RISC-V?

Started playing a for the first time in god knows how long.

UI designers of the fediverse, is there an actual reason for the login screen trend of putting username on one screen, then password on a separate one? It drives me nuts.


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