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20k + footstep in yesterday with amazing friends, Brussels hides quite a lot of unknown places for me even after years in the city!

Cré le livre papier qui s'arrache dans toute la France comme des petits pains est dorénavant disponible partout :

You can add your WordPress site to the Fediverse by installing an ActivityPub plugin.

This lets anyone on Mastodon etc follow your site, comment on posts and share them on the Fediverse.

There are two WordPress ActivityPub plugins available right now:


AP for WordPress

An example of a WordPress site using Pterotype is WeDistribute:

#Fediverse #ActivityPub #Blogs

Wherever and whenever Brusselers improve things, ends up being nicer for everyone :)

Rien de tel qu'un coup de maquillage pour paraître en pleine forme.. Alors que j'ai un rhume et des cernes pas possible :)

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