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From designing alliances to future stories, our quest for a collaborative :

#Fedilab 1.74.0-beta-1 has been published in the beta-channel.
The login page is easier to use because the app now automatically detects the network from its domain name.
Also I introduced a console mode (see attached).


@rysiek If someone has time they could do a script by using data from here: - fetch the IP, check if in EU and then sum the domains+users. I could try tomorrow but I guess time running out...

GPG Sync 0.3 is out and it now fully complies with the draft "Distributing OpenPGP Keys with Signed Keylist Subscriptions" internet standard! Check it out

2009: All I need is HTML and CSS to put a site!

2019: All I need is Docker, Kubernetes, Jekyll, Caddy, GitHub, macOS, 8 GB+ RAM, Chrome Canary, React and a Twitter account!

A lot of people find out that the W3C's governance is fucked up and overly dependent on corporate sponsorship (and it is) and then assume that the WHATWG must be a better institution (it isn't).

WHATWG is, for the most part, a "what-the-major-browser-vendors-say/do-rules" org. And keep in mind, that's now just two organizations (Google and Mozilla). That's good reason for pause.

I like how #Mastalab description looks like on #gdroid (especially the 3 days release cycle info 😏)
Nice app @gdroid

Cool idea to showoff photos on a wall..

@alxd @kai @ekaitz_zarraga

> Does that mean that one maintainer can waste free work of contributors?


If you consider any work that doesn't get accepted by an upstream maintainer a waste AND if you consider the maintainer responsible for such waste.

I don't think so, though.

#Free code is never a waste.
Keep it free, reachable somewhere, and somebody might pick it later.

Or #fork the project.


#FreeSoftware need to fix this fear of forks.
It's not #free if you can't fork it.

Just enjoyed watching @Goffi 's recent talk at #FOSDEM « #XMPP beyond instant messaging » and learned about on how rich is the variety of use cases on the federated protocol : ... blog, forums, events, tickets, P2P file sharing (photo albums, etc... ), merge requests, and much more ... !

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