We won this round.. Now we need to win the final battle! @okcinfor@instagram.com

The nicest team in the block goodbye to the most awesome social media manager across two different teams! @inesvillamar@instagram.com @spacehuntr@instagram.com

In a matter of months it will be virtually impossible to catch a real photography from an augmented or powered layer on top of reality.. What are going to be the new skills to detect & adapt to a world were anything can be faked?

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Town Hall | Will Technology Save or Subvert Civility and Society? - YouTube: youtu.be/ueEaiZFwKto

Been busy and for a while..things are finally settling until they go to the roof in less than a month.. But in the meantime it felt good to browse the , notice how mobile apps keep getting better, other initiatives keep growing and generally the relaxing, human feeling of the fediverse compared to the birdsite drama & info wars..

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