Thinking out loud about moderation on the Fediverse. 

Thinking out loud about moderation on the Fediverse. 

Thinking out loud about moderation on the Fediverse. 

Still have to upgrade to 2.7 to latest version for my work instance
Currently registration closed until formally launched. This instance will be tweaked to reflect news and content regarding tech focus (AI, DataScience, VR, Blockchain, GDPR, IoT) and generally tech/startup/entrepreneurs news - 1/2

From now on, if I have to link to birdsite I'm considering making a screenshot of the tweet instead of a link, does that feel better or worse than sharing a birdsite link on here ? what do you think ?

I wish could do simple tasks from the client itself : like adding a new domain to block
imagine : !block
and other tasks that would be understood by the instance not as a toot, but as a command to execute.

Looking for advice : how do I add a new admin to my instance (with tootctl) if I"m running it from a docker image and the filesystem is obviously read-only ?

Perhaps new domains or accounts could be peer reviewed & some form of consensus reached to add new offensive instance to the block list?
Just thinking out loud but admins should have the possibility to avoid their instance being invaded by harassment etc to protect their users? How to lead with this right now? - 2/2

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Note sure where I have to announce this but @digityser has now it's own instance to talk about VR, IoT, GDPR, AI & all derived tech around these big trends. 2019 is going to be interesting for the web !
the instance is also acting as a stable relay (where should I add this relay to the list of relays)


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