Been busy and for a while..things are finally settling until they go to the roof in less than a month.. But in the meantime it felt good to browse the , notice how mobile apps keep getting better, other initiatives keep growing and generally the relaxing, human feeling of the fediverse compared to the birdsite drama & info wars..

Knowing how to configure SPF DKIM DMARC in different case scenario, That's done :) self-hosting like Yunohost or Cloudron make the whole thing easy but doing the same for a old school case spread between 2 or more hosts is harder!
Sending signed/authentified emails make all the difference to reach inboxes with a good score.
Even more if big e-mailings campaigns/newsletters

Anyway time to go horizontal!
Gnit 🌈

I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

From now on, if I have to link to birdsite I'm considering making a screenshot of the tweet instead of a link, does that feel better or worse than sharing a birdsite link on here ? what do you think ?

At some point the will need some form of blocktogether concept but adapted to the fediverse.
The underlying question is how can admins benefit from a "safe list" perhaps peer reviewed of domains to block based on their incompatibility with other instances guidelines? : xenophobia, racism, homophobia etc. - 1/2


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