Heading to to kiss my little princess before she goes to Crete for a week! 🏖️🏝️⛲🛫

20k + footstep in yesterday with amazing friends, Brussels hides quite a lot of unknown places for me even after years in the city!

Wherever and whenever Brusselers improve things, ends up being nicer for everyone :)

From designing alliances to future stories, our quest for a collaborative : link.medium.com/tJMBttXqpU

This year planning to relaunch Homebrew Website Club hwc.digityser.org/ (temporary website restored from last year backup, bear with some of the broken links) the idea is to gather once a month around self-hosted websites, home grown code, principles, security and a few mutual-aid aspects of technology that can be applied to allow anyone to have its own presence on the web outside of the


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