Cool idea to showoff photos on a wall..

Next talk : @cwebber Boundaries on freedom and Copyleft in decentralized network environments @digityser

Actually this already exist.. Hahaha I just never tried and was thinking it wasn't possible by default, silly me!

via @rmdes

This is what you see when you long press over the RT icon on Fenix (basically a list of the logged in accounts, here just using one)

Knowing how to configure SPF DKIM DMARC in different case scenario, That's done :) self-hosting like Yunohost or Cloudron make the whole thing easy but doing the same for a old school case spread between 2 or more hosts is harder!
Sending signed/authentified emails make all the difference to reach inboxes with a good score.
Even more if big e-mailings campaigns/newsletters

Anyway time to go horizontal!
Gnit 🌈

Wondering why I get "something went wrong, try again later" on android app for some instance (but I can load them fine as reader instance on ) and vice versa.. Instances from the main peertube list that I can't add to mastalab but I can add on peertube just fine... Strange behavior, hard to debug..

I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

Seems I got either blocked or something by Aral...So I'm going to throw this here :

So much intolerance can't be good for anyone if the minimal debate or disagreement is enough to block, categorize, label, mute, ignore..

it's sad.

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The Mars Rover On-board Computer How Curiosity's Onboard Computer works, and what you can learn from how it was designed Mars Rover Curiosity is one of the most sophisticated pieces of hardware ever launched ...

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