I wish I could long press over a toot to boost and choose from which account I want to do the boost.. That would be just amazing :) kind of like Fenix 1 and 2 handled multi account for the birdsite. Cc @tom79


This is what you see when you long press over the RT icon on Fenix (basically a list of the logged in accounts, here just using one)

@rmdes Oh, I thought you were joking. You can do that with Mastalab. For boost, follow, reply, add to favorite or compose. And also bookmark...

@rmdes But with Mastalab, if you have only one account, it doesn't work, because it doesn't make sense to display a popup for one choice.

Totally agree! Gees I love this app now even more!

Wow... Believe it or not I had never tried.. Hahaha silly of me!

@rmdes Don't hesitate to long press tabs, you can be surprised too :)

That part I had it covered not sure why I didn't tested this for toots! :)

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