I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

@rmdes A Known blog! Do you use any plugins? Any that you recommend?

@jonne I use a bunch of plugins yes, Twitter, Mastodon, one to aggregate pictures, Linkedin
most can be found on github : mastodon is here :, I should probably make a list on my blog so people can have easier access

@jonne also if you go here : it may require a bit of scrolling but I stared them all on github :)

@jonne the mastodon plugin is cool because you can connect up to 3 instances, it allows you to abide to specific instances requirements or split different topics on different accounts while maintaining a centralized identity on the openweb, I just love the concept, been running like this since 2 years and it's really cool :)

@rmdes I have it installed, but it's not currently working. I updated it recently and things broke.

@jonne make sure to have latest Known (from git, not from the official tarbal release) and latest Mastodon plugin also from git, when I fixed this on my side all went smooth :)

@rmdes Any idea on what the safe upgrade path is? Can I just replace the tarball-version with the git-version without everything breaking?

Move your IdnoPlugins, Uploads and config.ini somewhere safe, move your entire old known up the parent directory (so you can always return back to your current install..

git clone the current known project where your old known files were.. Replace your IdnoPlugins (make sure each one is also latest git version) move Uploads dir and config.ini at the same place, refresh your browser tab.. It should be done..

@rmdes I just did this, and everything seems to be still working. I lost some icons for some reason, but that's not really a big issue. Thanks for the advice!

@jonne if your site is HTTPS make sure the path to your images also include HTTPS..
if that does not fix it, make sure the folders have the correct permission (www-data user should be able to read at least)

@noorul the simplest way to get into indieweb if you already have a static site or similar (beside WP or Known) this tool can get you into making any html page indieweb ready to receive comments/webmentions, also check out indieauth, those are the corner stone to make any site or why not mastodon & the fediverse to become indieweb ready. meaning, any activitypub+webmention blog/instance-profile talk to each other..

Hi Ricardio,

I am little shuttled here.

I've came across IndieWeb. But just learny about Known.

Much of info about Known is dated on 2014 which it was launched.

I getting into reading it.


Start from here..

Forget Known.. if you already publish think about how it could fit into your existing flow..
The IRC/slack/matrix channel is also a great place to find help or asq questions..

The wiki is a throve of explanations on how it works..

Regarding making mastodon or pleroma indieweb ready it would require coding level I don't have.. But you can test a simple implementation on one html page you have already. - 1/2


I could comment ping you with a reply from my blog and this would be displayed as "comment" with a full implementation or even silo network if you go to next level of using to relay social reactions.. (the fediverse tools are not on this list sadly.. But could be I guess if it was contributed) - 2/2

Known @benwerd has been busy but Known keeps getting updated on via github (a simple git pull to have latest version) its a pretty straightforward tool, it's like indieweb "prêt à porter" when the jekyll static way is more like cooking each link to be ready for things to work. Known or WP implementation do all the work for you both in very elegant manner. - 1/2

@noorul @benwerd I still have some practice to make with my wp instance but I'm getting there slowly :) meanwhile I blog and syndicate to elsewhere just fine from mobile using the blog as a client webapp to publish.. It's really fun! - 2/2

I may take time read and understand about IndieWeb & Known.

I am keen to ask something now.

Here is it. I am using Pleroma which is Web app.

Can I simply set up statistic page with activity pub/ stream/ feed to connect to other instance with statistic site ?

Is this IndieWeb or Known about ?


This is indieweb.. Known is a publication engine aka blog but can be extended (it also does multi user, multi instance from one domain each being indieweb ready. Then there is WP indieweb pack plug-in and Drupal is also in.. Other people go static path using jekyll & github page hosting to power their blog activity.. (to be honest it's the implementation I know less about). - 1/2

@noorul Now think about webmentions as evolution of the old trackback/commenting from the blog world before MySpace (lol) and webmentions, micropub, indieauth and mf2 allow the sociale web to be defined over html..or any implementation, That's the gist of it.. - 2/2


I wonder how I can I mention you on IndieWeb, Known or blog ?

I kept trying but failed

Your blog need to be indieweb ready or you can use Twitter to comment any of my URL although I don't remember if I enabled bridgy anymore..

If mastodon was indieweb ready I could use this URL to comment from here (mastalab client) under this blog post, in known I have a "reply-to" UI form that allow me to specify the URL, on Twitter I just have to include the URL to webmention it.. Here it would be similar I guess. - 1/3


But it would mean that for a particular URL here on mastodon there would be comments/likes from the openweb & from the instance or the fediverse.. That would be crazy haha :)

And back on my blog comments could come from the openweb (other blogs sites etc.) but also from the fediverse. - 2/3

@noorul Imagine a decentralized conversation about one URL (post, photos, vidéo) but from all over the web.. Everyone owning his own comment... - 3/3

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