Sorry for all the typo, I wrote this in public transportation, should have proof read before publish.. It was supposed to be shorter also.. Will correct on my blog..

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@rmdes Completely agree on most parts, especially this however: "Between the two I'll gladly help instead of rant, we need builders, not ranters."

@rmdes I prefer that you understand that you’re perpetuating a false dichotomy (either we get money from Exxon Mobil to fund our environmentally-friendly alternatives or we cannot build environmentally-friendly alternatives). I prefer that we don’t act like not-for-profits that aren’t institutionally corrupt, like @indie don’t exist. I prefer that you don’t try to school me on building vs ranting when it’s clear I’m both building and ranting. That’s what I prefer.

- there is much more shades of grey in terms of money, not all business sponsoring fair non-profits are the worst of the business like Exxon. In between there is all kinds of actors that can allow purists to judge whatever initiative as deceitful.

- I'm not schooling you, not more than you are schooling lots of other people, I have nothing to school you beside thinking and expressing my opinions, with or without your agreement.
And Honestly, to me it's not clear what you are building.

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