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I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

Beyond all the bling what we do is empower people to launch their own projects, learn to code, pivot from one activity to another, organize lots of free events around these technologies and some paid ones to pay the bills and the short list of employees :) - 2/2

Still have to upgrade to 2.7 to latest version for my work instance
Currently registration closed until formally launched. This instance will be tweaked to reflect news and content regarding tech focus (AI, DataScience, VR, Blockchain, GDPR, IoT) and generally tech/startup/entrepreneurs news - 1/2

Wondering if I can get my bookmarked and Favorites toots as an RSS feed... Hard to know from mobile but I will find out later from laptop.. It could be useful to trigger automated actions.. I could bookmark a toot and ifttt or zapier or a neutral self-hosted webhook could take the toot content link and save it in pocket or save it to my blog or email it somewhere... Still thinking about use cases :)

wow a youtuber named hbomberguy just finished streaming a 100% run of Donkey Kong 64, a really bad and tedious old video game, to raise money for a trans rights charity

it took 58 straight hours, they raised $325,000 and holy shit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called in to voice her support

I just caught the tail end of all this and made a small donation but I still kinda can't get over that this is a real thing that just happened in real life.

non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

Working on the admin dashboard and APIs. #pixeldev

API Roadmap:

v1 - Classic API (based on Mastodon v1) ETA Jan 2019

v2 - Pixelfed API (based on v1, optimized for pixelfed. Will deprecate v1 after a year.) ETA May 2019

v3 - GraphQL API (no ETA yet)

Knowing how to configure SPF DKIM DMARC in different case scenario, That's done :) self-hosting like Yunohost or Cloudron make the whole thing easy but doing the same for a old school case spread between 2 or more hosts is harder!
Sending signed/authentified emails make all the difference to reach inboxes with a good score.
Even more if big e-mailings campaigns/newsletters

Anyway time to go horizontal!
Gnit 🌈

I published release 1.66.0

What's new:

- Schedule toots from server side (schedule, edit, delete)

It needs #Mastodon 2.7


Let me clarify, I am talking about a random person making a brand new Mastodon account, setting a porn picture as their header and avatar and posting multiple random porn pictures without content warnings or hashtags or commentary.

so often I have to tell people to please give themselves a break. you're a good person and you're doing your best. and more often than not, the response is they act like nobody ever told them that before. We gotta be nicer to each other. more supportive. life is hard.

What locations would you recommend in Berlin for a 2-day conference with talks + an area for info booths/hanging out? Need a ~250 people capacity. #followerpower

Wondering why I get "something went wrong, try again later" on android app for some instance (but I can load them fine as reader instance on ) and vice versa.. Instances from the main peertube list that I can't add to mastalab but I can add on peertube just fine... Strange behavior, hard to debug..

Started to implement #blogging UI extension for PubGate federator, with local and federated timelines for now) Extension repo on github . Demo available at

i can reply from this toot from my blog? (test)

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