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I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

Rien de tel qu'un coup de maquillage pour paraître en pleine forme.. Alors que j'ai un rhume et des cernes pas possible :)

On March 23, Europeans are taking to the street to tell the European Parliament to reject Article 13—will you be there?

Every account has a RSS feed, but you might not have realized that.

We added an RSS feed link to profiles. Shipping soon! #pixelfed #indieweb #rss
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.17.…

MicroUI Update:

After careful consideration, we have decided that this new and exciting UI will be spun out as a separate Pixelfed Labs project.

This means you will be able to self host just this UI and use it with Pixelfed, Mastodon, Pleroma and other mastodon api compatible projects much like Pinafore and Halcyon!

#pixelfed #microUI

Nice. In the thread on a #mastodon article, a lot of people mention how #pleroma is much easier to deploy. It’s nice that people are finally catching on. Articles praising mastodon don’t get universal agreement anymore; people bring up alternatives. Hopefully, we can continue shifting that mindshare so people think of the #fediverse instead of the Mastodon network

[EN] Didn't you watch our talk at the @fosdem ? Don't worry, the video is on our #Peertube channel ! Thanks again to the @fosdem and to Aleks from @yunohost for editing this video !

[FR] Vous avez manqué notre conférence au @fosdem ? Pas de panique, la vidéo (en anglais) est sur notre chaîne Peertube ! Un grand merci au @fosdem et aux bénévoles pour l'accuail, ainsi qu'à Aleks de @yunohost pour le montage !
#fosdem #fosdem2019

Pictures from FOSDEM 2019

I finally got around to uploading my pictures from this year's FOSDEM 2019 conference in Brussels, Belgium.

I spent most of my time in the Software-defined Storage DevRoom, where I also spoke about the latest developments in the Ceph Dashboard. I also collected all Ceph-related FOSDEM talks on the Ceph blog.


#ceph #community #conference #event #fosdem #opensource #pictures #storage

What a kick in the teeth of every european citizen: the EVP/EPP wants to prepone the final referendum regarding the EU copyright directive.
This would mean, that the referendum will be before the massive protests planned for March 23rd.
#savetheinternet #saveyourinternet #article13 #copyrightdirective

According to the organisers 2.000 people attended the #saveyourinternet protest in Berlin today! And I’m happy seeing so many teenagers, school students and people in the twenties like me here. Especially since conservatives (the CDU is Germany’s conservative center-right party) always claim that they’re not interested in politics & that epically backfired at them today^^

I don’t want to just monetize my content better on YouTube, I want a socialized and creator owned decentralized YouTube. It’s not exclusively about shares but about democratisation. The protests have to be more radical on that issue. I hope that’ll happen soon.

I’m at the protest against the anti copyright law in Berlin right now. Here are around ~800 people on a first glance! #saveyourinternet

#WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform. It has a minimalist approach so that readers concentrate on the text.

It federates with #ActivityPub so you can follow blogs through Mastodon etc.

Existing Write Freely instances you can sign up at:

Installing your own instance:

Fully managed hosting, if you want your own instance without doing techy stuff:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Blogging

Tiens, la nouvelle mise à jour de Surviving Mars rend hommage à Valentina Terechkova, la première cosmonaute et seule femme à avoir effectué un voyage en solitaire dans l'espace

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