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I will split my activity by language, this account here is for English only and is my French account.
I like that I can pilot my fediverse activity by POSSEing content from my own blog to different corners of the fediverse and the birdsite : (by the way this blog support so you can comment from your own site to all my URL's) I will see how practical it is, below image is my blog dashboard !

Interested in a smartphone with /e/?

We have worked on a plan with partners, register now to get yours in June!

Read all the details in our latest newsletter at:
#android #privacy #smartphone #Refurbished

Town Hall | Will Technology Save or Subvert Civility and Society? - YouTube:

I published a new version of the app (1.80.3)

What's new:

- Long press on the fetch more button will retrieve all missing statuses.
- Long press on media in timelines will automatically download them in full resolution (also works for videos)
- You can add a Peertube video in your favorites for Pleroma and Mastodon accounts.

I also fixed bugs that you reported.


Been busy and for a while..things are finally settling until they go to the roof in less than a month.. But in the meantime it felt good to browse the , notice how mobile apps keep getting better, other initiatives keep growing and generally the relaxing, human feeling of the fediverse compared to the birdsite drama & info wars..

collectif tonight
Burger stand-up comedy club! Good food, good laugh!

Technical debt challenge : How to move from v2 full of ACF Pro custom to Divi Builder 3 + Wordpress 5 without loosing part of the content & ACF integration ? @divibuilder

Premier en tant qu'intervenant, c'était cool, chouett échange sur les réalités de l'entreprenariat à Bruxelles..

20k + footstep in yesterday with amazing friends, Brussels hides quite a lot of unknown places for me even after years in the city!

Cré le livre papier qui s'arrache dans toute la France comme des petits pains est dorénavant disponible partout :

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