A @libreoffice
icon design that I submitted a few months ago. Not chosen by TDF members but I won't delete it bcz I love it. Made by help of @inkscape

See other proposals: (actually the branding effort is more about app icons, not merely mimetype)

@rizmut @libreoffice i like the multi coloured side bar on the main app icon. Someone posted about the proposed new icons last week and the main app icon seemed off.

Maybe this icon in that style that was posted previously would work well?

@rizmut @libreoffice no way they think that the current ones are better. 😆

From all the proposals, your entry is the only one that would make me use LibreOffice. The icons give me a better first impression than whatever the official pack supposed to be. Why most of the FOSS projects have no taste? :cwy:

Oh, well... MS365 it is then. 😞 :welp:

@rizmut @libreoffice I don’t mind your concept, but there’s a problem in the light version where the icons have no contrast, I eill add morr blur on the transparent layer and use the app color for the icon

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