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Hey everyone!
I'm a university student in the field of . I'm interested in and i love . I also love and . Hoping this platform works well so i can convince my friends to come!

Me, deciding to change desktop fonts:
Lets do a quick tweak or two and then i'll go to sleep.

5 hours later:
Now this is what i call a MEDIEVAL THEMED DESKTOP

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Using gnu Linux since installing Slackware from floppies. Currently using Arch, i3, emacs, LibreOffice and Postgresql. Some data extraction and processing with Python in my previous life. Looking forward to fosstodon!

I'm impressed with lately. Despite it being a rolling release distro, the stability and functionality it offers is unmatched. I've had next to no bugs in the whole year i've been using it and almost every application i've ever needed is in the repos. Keep up the good work!

By just replacing apps with ones and disabling any google bloat i revived a friend's android phone. I hate how much unneeded stuff there is on recent android phones and people still think their device will break if they disable something.

Please, introduce everyone to the world of open source and show them that they have a choice.

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I have been trying to get people I know off Facebook and on to other platforms. No matter I said or did, very few have, and even less have switched to a new messaging service. Well, I figured out how to do it: give them ways to contact me, and delete my Facebook. It's extreme, but it's literally the only way.

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Wow! Blokada is just an absolutely brilliant piece of software om FDroid!
Is there something similar available for linux?

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My Christmas present to you?

Don't use Google, Chrome, Windows or Facebook.

Pleasure ;)

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I wonder if an AI equipped with an evolving language would eventually just default to cynicism and rudeness for people to understand it

Steps to learning vim:

Step 1: open vim.

Step 2: Reboot your pc to successfully exit.

Step 3: Spend some time in vimtutor trying to figure out what is wrong with you.

Step 4: Realise you don't have enough free time to start getting into it.

Step 5: Go back to your boring editor.

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Since GDPR was implemented in EU, many news outlets have updated those hideous banners forcing you to accept being tracked to render them even more confusing and having them take even more space on your screen.

It's such a mess !

Here's a handy solution : use a tracker blocker to block the nasty bits (uMatrix, uOrigin, Better, etc.).

And instead of clicking the banners just target them and add the css property 'display : none;' to it using developer tools of your navigator. #privacy

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Joined the instance today.

Quick : I'm a FOSS developer, mainly working on (logic analyzer, oscilloscope, test&measurement software) these days.

Also a developer when time permits. Previously involved in , , and random other projects.

I'm also making my own music (plus videos) as a hobby over at Youtube and

More details later, I guess.

I am currently searching for a low priced android phone (<300) to buy and install LineageOS in it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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A super article by a professional photographer on using FOSS for his workflow:

Describes his equipment and the applications he uses & why.

#FOSS #FLOSS #photography #photo #Linux

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There's a nice new game in #fdroid since since yesterday: TowerJumper (Casual ability game) -

Made with #godot.

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Facebook has patented technology that predicts who else lives in your household based on photos you shared. Maybe you should be keeping them to yourself...

Risorg boosted, after dark-uxing the user to hell, tries to convince them to go back and enable tracking.

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Google patents aim to "scan & analyze your home & offer content based on what they detect" & to "use sensors & cameras to restrict kids’ behavior."

Or, in other words, super creepy and more risk of your family's data being leaked or misused. No thanks.

Original tweet:

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Dear FOSS Community,

We need to make people aware of the Googles, Facebooks and Microsoft of this world. Tell them about FOSS software, get them to use the apps first then we switch them to Linux.
The time is now.

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