Comment Google se moque de la CNIL | Pixel de tracking

> Google viole la directive "ePrivacy" pour vous surveiller sans consentement. Sanctionné, il ne change pas

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Interview de Marie-Cécile Godwin sur le #framablog :
« les usages prévalent sur tout »
où l'on parle d'UX, d'UI, de design et de libre !

Boum, je me suis sorti les doigts 🤘et mon nouvel article sur le télétravail arrive 😻 prévu à l'atterrissage 🛬 dès demain 🔜 toujours sur mon blog

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pol, université, de moins en moins universelle 

elle a toujours pas démissionné la Vidal ?
je viens de lire le billet de @Affordance et ça m'énerve grave
et je parle même pas du billet de ce matin, posté par @Khrys
/me fulmine 🤬

A great session that gives a practical overview of the great @penpot design tool:) It's a practical project from the perspective of a new user discovering the tools as they go along.

It's in French however it's simple enough to follow along to see a practical example of how this tool is used.

#peertube #penpot #design #webdesign #opensource #foss #francais

Séparer l'œuvre de l'artiste : l'artiste va en taule, l'œuvre passe direct dans le domaine public.

If you want to learn about the platform we are using to power FOSDEM 2021 please join the talk that just started here:

They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them.

The data presented here is a bird’s-eye view of an event that posed a clear and grave threat to our democracy. But it tells a second story as well: one of a broken, surreptitious industry in desperate need of regulation, and of a tacit agreement we’ve entered into that threatens our individual privacy. None of this data should ever have been collected.

"The web is something different" by @davatron5000

"I’ve come to accept that if there are bugs on the web or if there’s a massive quality dip on a site you’re visiting… that is a sign the web is working. It means some unqualified person was able to skip past the gatekeepers and put something online."

Nice, nuanced perspective in this post. I appreciate it.

Currently enjoying the "Designing a human centric next generation internet" talk by @jens

#UX #Essay
"Why I'm losing faith in UX" by on how we went from the golden ages of user centric products to user deception and exploitation. I want to quote you the whole article so please read it.

ho cool, #peertube for #yunohost has been updated to v3.0.1 with #live feature ... so you can install it in a few clicks (or update your old version ;) )

L'expérience de live avec #Peertube et OBS est vraiment super simple : j'y connaissais rien avant ce matin, j'ai suivi les instructions pour installer OBS depuis leur site, j'ai suivi l'aide de Peertube, clic clic on est parti 🎉

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@notclacke @devurandom @rysiek Yes exactly. The SSPL is considered a nonfree license by both the OSI and FSF.

The way the SSPL enforces "copyleft" is that you have to make all the code that interfaces with MongoDB free software.

That means that using MongoDB means you'll have to make everything you do free software, even the code that is not derived from MongoDB. This is not copyleft. In this case you're only allowed to run MongoDB if you meet certain criteria, this is a restriction and thus not free.

We need some of your time tonight! If you are willing to help testing our #PeerTube under some load, please play the following live stream and keep the page open for at least 10 minutes, and ideally until we stop streaming. Much love and many hugs to you 🤗

Let's get that viewer counter high enough so we can safely advertise hundreds of viewers thanks to the amazing Peertube and libp2p.

Boosts much appreciated 🚀

:mobilizon: Malgré l'ambiance morose, est à jour et garde ses inscriptions ouvertes pour vous permettre de tester le super boulot de Framasoft !

#mobilizon #events

RT HeyitsTowler: i put eyes on the cat’s bed and could not be happier with the result

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