After 27 days of being held captive just 8 miles from me, my is finally due to arrive today. DHL UK are incompetent.

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Got bored and decided to turn my old wall clock into a Windows clock

📋 Personality Test: “What kind of personality are you?”

🙋‍♂️Me: “The kind that doesn’t take personality tests.”

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Why do Amazon use NoSQL databases?


They don't allow unions

The charging cable lets you charge your Nokia 3310 over USB ☎️

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My is stuck with DHL, should have been here on the 1st of June but "Further clearance processing is required" apparently 🤔️

One of the best settings in Gnome Tweaks! Swap Ctrl and Caps Lock ⌨️

Love that Ctrl+Alt+T is mapped to Terminal by default in Gnome 👍 One less shortcut for me to setup.

My favourite DE is just a quick `sudo apt install vanilla-gnome-desktop` away in Ubuntu 😎️


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