I want a filesystem where files older than e.g. 6 months disappear.

Is Firefox going to be dead anytime soon?

@neauoire Have you seen mikeos.sourceforge.net/ ?

Seems right up your alley: It is about writing small OSes in assembly. (It is not targeted for ARM, though.)

learning dvorak... typing very slowly right now 😂

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I feel a need to distract myself and what better way than to practice weird political poster sketches.
#smolnet #propaganda

Imagining a world without Jeff's Store of Everything...

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things being fine for you ≠ things being fine for other people

Does anyone have experience with parchive?


Seems like a good option for backups if you don't have something like openzfs, or raid-5.

There was a time one could sync (local) contacts and calendars over bluetooth, wasn't there?

(I'd rather not setup a caldav server to sync between phone and desktop)

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Simplest pomodoro implementation that I could come up with (on the command line):

sleep 25m && echo -ne '\007'

which makes the pc speaker go beep after 25 minutes.

me on ms windows: try turning it off and on again

me on linux: let's just reinstall that package

Just fixed a no-sound issue on manjaro with: `pacman -S pulseaudio` (thereby reinstalling it).

I'd have more faith in humanity if we stopped calling the climate crisis climate change.

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