Simplest pomodoro implementation that I could come up with (on the command line):

sleep 25m && echo -ne '\007'

which makes the pc speaker go beep after 25 minutes.

me on ms windows: try turning it off and on again

me on linux: let's just reinstall that package

Just fixed a no-sound issue on manjaro with: `pacman -S pulseaudio` (thereby reinstalling it).

I'd have more faith in humanity if we stopped calling the climate crisis climate change.

It's just too hard to generate a properly formatted pdf with md.

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@technomancy I recall that you worked on an HTML-only frontend for pleroma... But when I visit I still need to enable javascript?

Finally decided to buy the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on

Only 2 days left!

Anyone else noticed the great design flaw of smart watches?

Checking your notifications gives other ppl the impression that you're bored/need to go any time soon.

A friend of mine does this, and it is making me nervous af.

A manager's spreadsheet is the most abysmal VR ever.

jeesus, copyright is dumb:

This podcast episode "shows" some great examples of why you can't claim ownership of a (musical) idea in good faith.

The greatest enemy of authority is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it is laughter - Hannah Arendt

Reading further:

"One particular disciplinary tactic Foucault addresses that is used in
most social institutions is the careful significance given to spatialized
location [...] The purpose of the student’s desk, for example, is to ground them
in one set space for easy authoritative access, visibility, and control."

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In the Netherlands, the government aired a TV commercial saying:

"You are society"

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Just started reading:

"Power according to Foucault is now manifested not so much in the
sweeping decree of the monarch as much as by small, local forms of
control in which we all share complicity."

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ugh... I'm trying to find this research paper in which the work of matt groening (the simpsons, school is hell) is compared with the philosophy of Michel Foucault... and of course it's behind a paywall:

$42,- for the pdf, f*ck me!

In a few conversations on mastodon, already, I've felt quite (literally) lost.

I have yet to figure out exactly how the threading works, but for now I'm switching regularly back to the notifications tab to find the missing pieces.

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