@verretor they have this in Nuevo Leon MX where I will be unfortunately for 10 days, with recent events glad I live in Texas.

@pete I cancelled my membership when they reopened with covidiotic proceedures last June. Better to be out in the fresh air and sunshine anyway.

@nomadbynature San Cristobal is nice too. I don't go often but if I can still travel I'm sure I will go again.

@nomadbynature I love Chiapas, I have sumidero as my wallpaper on one machine.

@stevenroose wealth transfer does not work if there is no wealth to transfer

@pete not gov charts, they need a source claiming a problem when none exists. To say one is deficient based on random numbers is meaningless, deficiency causes disease, if no disease, no deficiency. Of course I am a self proclaimed science denier especially with all the covid science, but even before, with thousands of years of medical science we are sicker than ever. I am 60 and in better health than 90+% of those in their 30s and I do it half assed, 33 years meat/b12less.

@pete b12 maybe, but what are our actual needs? If you are not aneimic you get enough produced by gut bacteria regardless of what the government charts say. And again the only way to be protein deficient is to be calorie deficient but the real prblem with fruit is it is seasonal and needs supplumented with storables. Protein is over hyped and orders of magnitude more people suffer from excess than lack. Land usability/b12 may be valid pro meat arguments but protein is definitely not.

@pete The only way to not get enough protein is to not get enough calories. To get enough self sufficient plant based calories, you need fruit and nut trees, you can store nuts, grow and store grains, dehydration and canning also helps. I personally am ok with being dependent on others, much simpler.

All protein comes from plants, animals either get their amino acids directly from plants or from animals that somewhere along the chain got originally from plants.

I have zero fucks to give about what taleb thinks or says

I was almost put off, but I clicked to see if this was just a peertube thing

@luke recipes are the worst, I think they are all the same, wordpress with a recipe plugin, I leave most recipe sites as soon as I enter when I recognize the setup.

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