Stop starting posts with BREAKING. You're not that important.

just another day in dependency hell

added 197 packages from 111 contributors and audited 878390 packages in 27.793s
found 15154 vulnerabilities (10 moderate, 15143 high, 1 critical)

I need a browser extension, that would block these:

* I don't EVER want to try your app
* I don't EVER want add your site to my home screen
* I don't EVER want to enable annoyifications.

> If you want to install and use this locally you should:

> 1. Re-evaluate your life choices

This has to be a scam, looking for used car in craigslist, many instances of same car, different location, different price or ridiculously low price. I mark as prohibited along with obvious dealers marked as "by owner" and $0 listings, $1000 listings, I adjusted search for > 1001

npm must be broken, I just installed a package and it just installed the package, not a myriad of dependencies.

oh, wait shows zero dependencies, how did they ever do it, no babel, webpack, lodash, they must be really good coders 🤔


linux-modules-extra-4.18.0-15-generic did not install properly,

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt --fix-broken install

dns seemed to fix on second reboot

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My desktop is fine and the laptop shows the same dns entry, but I can not reach fosstodon and many others from the laptop?

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ubuntu kernel upgrade killed my laptop network. Reverting to old kernel, network is up, but seems to be a dns issue, can't reach many sites. Details here:

Working on a go plugin package for clightning. Objective to learn go while making something useful. Any go experts would like to review it would be appreciated.

Microsoft may ditch Edge and build a browser based on Chromium's engine.

That seems to make all kinds of sense to me.

"Project Anaheim" -

Mastodon, I enter and view posts from people I have chosen to follow

all others, I get prompted about choosing new mob leaders today

I love it here.

Fun game, go on facebook and report all the political ads as scam. Didn't last long, I guess their algorithm picked up on my preference.

Looking for testers, bitcoin core and/or btcd client, thanks

be sure to use refactor-compile branch

after 5 months of searching, finally resolved

import(filepath /* webpackIgnore: true */).then(...)

the comment allows you to load modules outside of the build. I guess I did not know how to phrase the question

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