TIL wordle has nothing to do with github commits 😀

“Getting a prospect to admit their “mistake” borders on the impossible. All you’ll do is irritate or antagonize your prospect. That is not the way to persuade them to buy from you.”

— Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale

I have zero fucks to give about what taleb thinks or says

I was almost put off, but I clicked to see if this was just a peertube thing

Fun way to spend the better part of a sunday:



warning, still a lot of glitches to be worked out

February Austin BitDevs. Thurs Feb 18th official date. I hear that @MsHodl and @udiWertheimer might be coming into town, peer pressure is on for the other BitBlockBoom 2020 vets @martybent @mattodell @nikcantmine @TheCryptoconomy @Brittkelly @sthenc @breedlove22 in addition to everyone that came in January

"Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love"

-- Pete Cordell

I am verified, not sure what this means, I don't show anything in my mastodon profile that indicates this but it shows here: keyoxide.org/7916CD5B034FB6573

Everyone who runs their own instance, do you run on your own machine, a vps, dedicate server or what? It seems if you don't run your own hardware, you still have a sovereignty deficit. I really don't want to rely on myself to maintain my own hardware. I know you can move to another provider, how difficult would that be while maintaining your data?

Read online html books and articles with ebook features, maintain library, save text with notes, track location, dictionary lookup with default and per file language: youtu.be/zEg-Peq3hwA

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