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A warm winter (so far) has lead to some odd harvest companions in the garden. Cabbages are wrapping up, while the pepper plants are still going strong.

Today was my last day at a job I've been at for the last 12 years. Feeling pretty strange.

My old boss kept trying to convince me to continue with contract work going forward. Had to tell him no, multiple times. It was awkward.

"Well I'll just send this to you and you can get to it when you get to it."

'You can send it, but I won't get to it.' 🙄

New job, new computer, new language.

Taking this as an opportunity to clean up and update my vim config when I discovered native LSP supported in neovim. The setup is pretty simple, and its much snappier than the CoC. Still trying to settle on some mappings, but definitely sticking with this.

Starting a new job, and the company has sent me a computer that has been provisioned to work with their systems. It's a MacBook Pro. Having been full time on Linux for the better part of a decade I have some mixed feelings.

So slowly configuring this thing to behave more like my personal system. Not quite where I want it but getting there.

Our pepper plants are racing the first freeze to ripen what they have hanging out there. That means I'm still getting a pretty steady haul of pain.

Getting some serious eye rolls from the SO as I shamelessly jam some Jethro Tull.

First job interview in 6 or 7 years tomorrow! From what I've gathered so far, I'm not too sure that its a job I want to take, but it will be good practice.

Job Hunting 

I've been taking the approach of applying for jobs that are a slight stretch for my given professional experience. I satisfy most of the requirements aside from one or two areas that I am very interested in learning or only have hobby level experience with.

My thinking that I'd like to I switch to something new and interesting, rather than just a lateral shift. However, I'm finding myself second guessing this approach, and curious of others thoughts or perhaps just a sanity check?

Saw the new Dune this evening. I was worried about what they were going to do here, but they knocked it out of the park. Just fantastic.

Doh! Heads up to folks looking for kicad resources online, avoid the old kicad-pcb domain.

SO and I scored some last minute ACL Live tickets to see St. Vincent this evening. Didn't realize how badly I needed an evening out.

Hurricane Ida is seriously giving me that 'this is gonna be a big one' vibe.

It was just a little tropical wave by Jamaica two days ago, and we just watched it form an eye as it went over Cuba. It's about to cross the deepest warmest waters in the Gulf with very little shear to stop it. This thing is gonna blow up.

Was reading a book in a nearby brewery. Power going in and out among the calming white noise of a heavy rain storm. After a very hot weekend it's a welcome break.

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Nice summer storm in central TX today. We got nearly 1.5" in 45 minutes here at the house. Looking like parts of downtown Austin got nearly 4" in the last two hours or so. All of that summer heat really gets them going if they can get a foothold.

Week 2 of electric mower use:

I made it through the entire yard both mowing and edging with about half the battery remaining!

The first week was a trial by fire as the grass had not been cut for 3+ weeks due to rain. Took 1 swap of the batteries to do it all.

Overall, I'm very impressed. Already loving not having to futz with gas/oil/carburetors/air filters/etc etc

In this year's installment of 'Crazy Vine We Let Take Over a Fence', Bird House Gourds!

The ground cherries are really going off this year! Love these little things. Super productive and a sweet almost tropical strawberry kinda flavor.

I was excited when my SO asked if I could setup a NFS for her to archive a lot of her older video and design work. However, it dawned on me soon afterword that my little hobby NAS was no longer so 'hobby'. So finally setup some automatic offsite backups.

I decided on restic going to a b2 bucket, triggered with a systemd timer. Seems to be working great so far.

Potatoes in bags, first harvest.

A couple of our plants saw a lot of insect pressure and started dying back a little early. So we decided to harvest them and see what was going on in there. We got potatoes!

I'm very excited to see the harvest from the plants that fared better with the insects.

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I've been thinking of diving into Neovim lately. It seems like it's come a long way and now has a fairly large adoption.

Anyone use Neovim? Love it, hate it? Worth the switch for a long time Vim user?

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