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Harrowing but thoughtful conversation on the most recent "Your Undivided Attention" podcast. Exploring some of the influences tech is having on society, and trying to extrapolate out.


Woah, ameriDroid (where I buy nearly all of my SBC stuff) is going to be an official Shelly reseller. Didn't see that coming, but it makes perfect sense.

Tonight's project was replacing the can lights in the kitchen with some dimmable Phillips LED fixtures. Swapped out the wall switch with a Zigbee enabled dimmer switch.

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Having a Zigbee hub that I control has me much more inclined to have 'smart' things around the house. Local only, running FOSS, no required mobile app, no cloud service, no vendor lock, yet still using off the shelf consumer devices.

Had a dream last night where a wall of the house was falling down and I kept telling everyone, "No big deal, we can fix it with a little CSS."

Sending out a few gifts from the garden this year. The pain powder power pack.

I've been giving the Nextcloud cookbook app a try the last few weeks, and I'm finding it very handy. It's very convenient to pull a recipe up on my phone and place that on a stand near me on the counter. Best of all I can actually find what I'm looking for without having to sort through a pile of paper scraps.

Pulled the final Orange Thai pepper harvest this weekend. Decided to experiment with smoking a drying for powder. A few hours on Mesquite then finishing them off in a dehydrator. They turned out great! Nice smokey flavor, but still has some punchy heat.

Added some peppers to an ongoing ferment earlier. Telling myself, like I always do, "meh I don't need gloves I'll just be mindful not to touch my face". Now a couple hours later, as always happens, my face is on fire.

I purchased a food dehydrator as a birthday gift to myself. It arrived today and I'm unreasonably happy about it!

*slaps roof*

This bad boy can fit so many veggies in it.

Processed some loofa today! This is about half of what's left on the vine.

On a related note, this live oak tree is nearly 2000 years old. The last time I saw it I was a young man. It gave me great solace to see it again and spend a short time among it and its daughters.

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Ran down to a very empty gulf coast over the weekend; looking to de-stress and tune out for a bit. The weather was perfect and I've never seen the water so clear. It did help to recharge a bit, though I could use a week (or a month).

Dove in this morning to walk through and refactor my .vimrc file and plugins. Lots of stuff I never use, half implemented ideas, and general cruft all removed. Took a couple hours, but much much better.

It was nice to step away from the glowing rectangles and do some light mechanic work today. Swapped out spark plugs and cables, and got the work truck back in service.

Giving the kitty terminal emulator a try, and to my surprise I'm loving it. It almost feels unnatural how quickly it renders. This may be what gets me to let go of urxvt.

In the last week or two its really become clear to me just how burnt out I am. Going to try and take a big step back and hopefully get some perspective.

Picked up Superflux's "Instant Archetypes" cards somewhat on a whim. I was curious about their choices for mapping on these concepts. They are beautifully done, but I'm disappointed and somewhat surprised with how narrow the context is. May as well be "Archetypes of Big Tech Capitalism."


I've recently discovered mezcal margaritas; smokey, citrus-ey, a little sweet.

oh no 🍸

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