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More and more I'm thinking of deleting my dotfiles and starting over fresh. There is years of cruft in there, and at this point it feels a bit too daunting to walk through it all.

Installing ALARM on an SBC this morning. Every time I walk through this I think "I should write an Ansible playbook to handle everything" and every time I talk myself out of it because "how often would I really need it."

You think I'd learn eventually.

Oh this is too cool. Wireless streaming multiplayer on the Odroid-Go Advance.

Wiring up this little magnetic switching circuit breaker for an old radio, and I cant stop fidgeting with it. Something about the sound and the action, so nice.

DatConf 2020 is today and tomorrow. They just got started, excited to see what they've been up to since the change to hyper protocol.

Just hung a fire extinguisher under the project bench. Probably should have done that a long time ago. 😬

I've had the HOPE livestream on all day and have really enjoyed the talks. Up next is Cory Doctorow with the keynote!

Following along with the BSides SATX talks today. Its all virtual this year, but they're doing a great job keeping it interactive.

Looks like this old Ten-Tec power supply still works! Testing out the endpoints to try and make up a cable to power my Ten-Tec Argosy HF radio.

Noticed that R&L Electronics had some US stock of the NanoVNA V2 this morning. Now I have one on the way!

Having to scale things up with the cucumbers! Fermenting this time; +3% brine, shooting for half sours.

As an aside, I'm still not sure I like PHP annotations. They just feel... wrong.

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Spent all day figuring out how to extend existing field widgets, definitions, and formatter plugins in Drupal 8. Now that I understand it more I see that it's a really flexible mechanism, but wow what a slog to understand it.

Stumbled on this video making the rounds today, of folks in LA getting a close look at the moon for the first time. I know it's edited for maximum feelgoodiness, but it felt like a breath of fresh air this morning.

Consistent harvests of Summer vegetables coming out of the garden now. A whole mess of hot peppers are not too far behind.

Potentially annoying animation 

Spent some time today messing around with a simple pure CSS illustration, then way too much time with CSS animations.

I have a new appreciation for the work involved in some of incredible CSS art I've seen floating around. It's not easy.

Replaced the motor capacitor in the AC today after we awoke to a very warm house this morning. It's a small thing, but it feels good to be able to diagnose and fix a problem yourself.

A local electronic music collective had to cancel a show back in March. So, they got a hold of all the artists, pieced together the show, and threw it on YT. For anyone interested in some chill electronic music this evening.

Fun weather watching tonight. We've had over an inch of rain in the last hour, and its still coming down. Good bit of lightning and some hail. More on the way.
Gotta love May in TX.

After putting this off for over a year I finally wrapped up a post on my little Odroid XU4 CloudShell2 NAS. This may have worked out for the best, as I now have a full year of use to reflect on.

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