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I presented a demo today for a large chunk of my development work that's nearing completion. It seemed to be received well enough, but reflecting on my communication and style I'm left disappointed. I used to give talks a lot more frequently, and relative to what I recall of that time I feel like I've atrophied considerably.

I'm still loving VimWiki! I'm using it mostly to document research and methods I'm working through for my job, and its already become a valuable reference for me.

More and more I'm thinking about working up a reasonable stylesheet for the generated html and an auto publishing mechanism to post it all to the greater web.

First cucumbers of the year coming off the vine today!

Is it possible to stand up a mastodon or instance that doesn't federate at all?

To clarify, I'm sure its possible to hack something together that blocks activity pub, but I can't tell if its a built in option somewhere. Probably just need to dive in and try it.

Trying out circuit python on a little Adafruit device, and wow! I'm sure there is a bit of bloat involved, but this is a MUCH better experience compared to stumbling through the Arduino IDE.

Just wrapped up installing a drip irrigation system in the garden. I've put that off for years thinking it was really complicated. Not sure how I got that in my head, but now having done it I realize there's not much to it.

Diodes and resistors in place. Taking a break to uncross my eyes, and maybe go work in the veggie garden for a bit.

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Woah, update to the next batch of Odroid-Go Advance. Sounds like there are still some delays, but to my surprise they made some improvements! Added L2 and R2 shoulder buttons, and now on board WiFi!

A Delptronics LDB-1se drum machine kit arrived today. Shipped quickly and arrived in 1 day (though we're in the same city) and well packaged. Excited to get this thing together!

Finally listened to the last 'Future of Coding' podcast and was inspired to check out Orca. It seemed like the old PocketChip was a good candidate for an install. The build went fine, and seems to run great. Time to dive in.


One of the projects I have been the primary on for years at work is having an underlying data source fundamentally change. This means I'm having to rework a lot of code, and revisit a lot of my past work. It's interesting how clear it is when I was under pressure or time constraints vs when I wasn't. Good coding practice started slipping and I got into a 'make it work' mode, and it's now those places that are giving me trouble. Where I was more rigorous, reintegration has been simple.

Spent the last two days on a deep dive in Drupal's caching system. Finally coming back up to the surface and feeling pretty good about things. I don't say that often while working with Drupal.

Today I thought about this little IC I've been holding on to for a while. It's a PT2399 echo audio processor. I think the time has come to give it a go.

One more today just because I'm very pleased with the result. SO suggested we make a sandwich loaf while I had the baking stuff out.
I promise this isn't just a food and garden account. 😅

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We ran out of tortillas for the daily taco rations. Dug up an old recipe and fixed that in a hurry.

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Today is the day the pepper, tomato, and cucumber starts go in the ground. It also looks like the fig tree we planted earlier in the Winter made it through!

There is a backlog of half written blog posts sitting in my site's repo, and I think I'm experiencing a writing paralysis because of it. Part of me wants to just scrap them all and start with what I'm working on now, but I think I need to just pick one, focus only on that, and try to push something out. Maybe that will be enough to gain some momentum again.

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