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Just had a "Wait what year is it?!" moment after this toot.

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A few personal 2020 goals:

- Find a new job
- Learn to weld
- Continue Spanish studies to the point I can participate in a conversational Spanish practice group
- Upgrade my Ham License to General (US)
- Be more social IRL and work to be a better husband, son, brother, and friend.

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NOAA posted a cool animation for Winter Solstice today. One full disk image from GOES16 per day for the last year.

Happy Solstice, the light is returning!

Doing a bit of research on a backup solution for the NAS and finding myself in naming hell:

Duplicity, Duplicati, Duplicacy...


I'm starting to realize some of the freedom zigbee2mqtt with the CC2531 (usb dongle in the vid) are giving me in the IoT space.

It's something I've always avoided because I didn't want to have to buy into some ecosystem with a hub that's constantly calling home to the corporate overlords. For testing I picked up a couple zigbee enabled
Phillips Hue bulbs from a big box store, and was able to control them from a home assistant install on my NAS via an MQTT broker. That makes me the overlord!

Successfully flashed firmware to a CC2531 using an Arduino Leonardo!

This makes the USB stick a Zigbee coordinator for use with zigbee2mqtt, and saves the expense and waste of purchasing a CC debugger/programmer.

Just wrapped up a clean install on an old Odroid XU3 in preparation to throw an MQTT broker on there and experiment with piping various bits radio data to it.

Thinking Zigbee, 433Mhz OOK, APRS, and ADS-B.

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Apparently it was time for a refresher on sorting algorithms and European folk dance.

I've been considering replacing PiHole with AdGuardHome. I've been using PiHole for a couple years now and I've loved it, but AdGuard seems more feature rich and flexible.

Anyone running AdGuard? Do you like it? If you've also run PiHole how do they compare in regard to maintenance/convenience?

I stumbled on The Open Book Project a while back. The project goal is to arrive at a simple, open source, DIY e-reader. It's still a work in progress, but it has been fascinating to follow along.

The case arrived from FalbaTech! I went with the simple white one expecting to paint it, however I couldn't resist putting it all together. Finally putting this project to some use.

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For the last few years, when the seasons change and things get cooler, I dust off my bread making stuff, get a hold of some fresh yeast, buy a new bag of flour, and get back to the practice of bread making. This year that happened last weekend. To get back in the swing of things, I made a few simple french rolls for sandwiches.I've been eating on them for lunch the last couple of days, and it has me marveling on the magic of bread all over again.

Current Status: Drowning in WeeChat config. 😅

After some delay a set of keycaps arrived. All that's left is a case!

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All the videos are up from this years Wireless Village at DEF CON! Time to settle in for a few hours of talks.

There is a nonprofit here called Tree Folks. They work with the municipal utility to give away a variety of trees to the community a couple times a year.

I went this morning and stood in a line of some of the happiest people I've been around in a while. Walked away with a very nice looking Celeste Fig tree. Planted in the far end of the garden and feeling quite pleased, both with the tree and our local community.

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