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A very encouraging update from IPFS reguarding browser support. Sounds like Brave is making real moves in this space, with Opera and Firefox not far behind. I've spent a good bit of time experimenting with the Dat protocol (my hobby site is even accessible via dat), but maybe its time I start taking a closer look at the Interplanetary File System.

Digi-Key day! More components for the keyboard. Mostly passives and the I/O expander, still waiting on the teensy.
Suppose its time to cleanup my shamefully cluttered workbench. 😳

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The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.

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Sad to say but these are going to the compost. I let the okra get out ahead of me, and a good batch of them got too big and therefore too tough to eat.

Oh wow! It looks like Jeri Ellsworth is ready to roll out the Tilt Five AR system along with several updates on how it works. I'm very much looking forward to this.

Anyone using an Ergodox keyboard? If so I'd love to know your thoughts on the experience.

Was it difficult to adjust to? Have you found that you customize it a lot or just use the defaults? Are you happy to stick with it or are you looking to go back to a more classic layout?

Trying for a Fall/Winter garden for the first time this year, and it's time (for my zone) to start thinking about what to put in. So I'm having a lovely day, browsing my seed box and catalogues, and pacing around the garden all 🤔.

Job Gripes (ish) 

Due to a series of poor decisions from management I'm having a crash course in Vue JS while trying to deliver on very tight deadlines. Frustrations with my job aside, I'm finding Vue very pleasant to work with. Fairly intuitive, snappy, and relatively simple. Looking forward to revisiting it when I'm not in a mad dash to an unreasonable finish line.

Is there any documentation on which open graph metadata tags mastodon is looking for with its website "card" displays?

I've searched around and didn't find much. Looked at at source of a few examples that render correctly, and although my site seems to share the same og data, I've yet to see it render as a card when linking here.

Hacked together a small utility for a friend of mine over the weekend. He wanted a way to generate (with some built in specifics) and print arithmetic practice sheets for his kids. It was a fun excuse to play around with Choo a bit more, but as I wrapped things up I found myself feeling bad for his kids. Sorry ya'll.

Enjoyed today's computerphile discussing p2p, privacy, and self hosting (albeit in a general way). A good video for folks who are not already thinking about this stuff, to start thinking about it.

A very nice writeup and retrospective from Feross about his open source project maintainer funding experiment. (The one with ads the in cli that caused a big stink.) For anyone involved in building, maintaining, or using open source projects it's worth a read.

"Journey to the Microcosmos" keeps getting better with every episode. I think I could watch these microorganisms going about their business, scored to ambient music, for hours.

I took a tour of Graceland today. If you want to witness an odd cross section of humanity (and some sweet 70s decor) I suggest it.

Thanks to you Fosstodonians for turning me onto Syncthing. Finally gave it a try this evening, and dang it's handy!

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Researching various topics has me thinking about microcomputers, personal computers and computers in the service of people (as opposed to the other way around).

There was a huge increase in freedom when the microcomputer put programmable computers within reach of an exponentially larger audience than the existing institutional-scale machines. In a way those computers have grown back into the machines they replaced, and the freedom of users, programmers & operators has been repealed almost completely (how different is "the cloud" from the mainframe of yore?).

We could have small, personal and free computers again, if we accept the limitation that these computers can't do everything the "big" computers can do. We made that bargain once back in the 70's, and maybe it's time to try it again?

Took some notes while setting up the VICE C64 emulator on the Pocket CHIP.

My end goal was to be able to conveniently practice with the defMON tracker, but it wound up being a lot of fun to just mess around with old Commodore applications in a portable form factor.

This has probably made the rounds here already, but its worth reiterating.

While the Equifax punishment is somewhat laughable its important that they pay it in full.

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