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A bit warm for it this evening, but few things clear my mind as well as tending a fire. Solutions to long standing problems, perspective on where I am in my life, generally just stopping and checking in with myself.

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An great interview with Travis Goodspeed on the Amp Hour podcast! He is consistently a source of inspiration for side projects and electronics shenanigans.

Tweaked the nmon options for the tiny Cloudshell2 display. I found this much more useful than the default from

CPU and Drive activity at a glance and removed network activity, as it made very little sense when using a bunch of docker containers.

After install you can tweak this by editing /bin/cloudshell-nmon and changing the default option string near the bottom.
This output uses:
export NMON=xtfcdG

Getting comfortable with using docker-compose on this NAS. I have Portainer, Traefik, Miniflux, Kanboard, and as of tonight Nextcloud installed.

I was putting off the Nextcloud installation because, for some reason, I had it in my head that it would be tricky/difficult. It wound up being very straight forward.

Next up is Gitea I think.

It's also worth noting that Dnsmasq will respect the /etc/hosts file on the machine running Pi-hole. You can use it just like the hosts file on your computer, but it will apply across the local net.

I use this all the time to keep up with all the little devices on the LAN. For instance say I have an Odroid SBC I need to shell into, and I've setup an entry for it in Pi-hole's hosts file. Now rather than,
I can do something like,
ssh username@odroid

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Swapped the stock fan in the CloudShell 2 to something quieter.

Fit perfectly and sooo much better.

If you have Pi-hole on your network, that means you also have Dnsmasq, and therefore can have some local DNS fun.

Today I was wanting to wildcard a local domain to my NAS. I added a dnsmasq conf file to the box running Pi-hole containing:
Where the is the local ip of the NAS. Now on the local network whateveriwant.nas points at the NAS.


Finding this very useful.

Made some small steps forward this evening with the docker-config file I've been building up for a small NAS. Kanboard (simple Kanban board) and Miniflux (RSS reader) have been added and configured!

As the list of containers/applications grows the usefulness of Portainer is really sinking in.

Made it to San Antonio today for BSidesSATX, and I gotta say, it's a bit weird to see this particular sponsor.

It looks like there are still tickets available for BSides SATX! Contemplating making the run down there this weekend.

Some beautiful thunderstorms rolling by Austin today.

Very eager to jump into this one!
I grew up in Lubbock, and spent a lot of time on local BBSes. Often I'd read cDc textfiles when I was waiting on my move allotment for TradeWars 2002 to increment. I was a bit too young to fully understand what I was reading, but I was completely fascinated.

Switching my old travel laptop over to my current lando development setup.

pacman -Rsnc apache


pacman -Rsnc mariadb

felt good.

Stair building done! No more jumping up the wall to the garden.

Spent a bit of time setting up the new games section in Kodi 18. Apparently they have rolled RetroArch (libretro) into Kodi core for this version. This pairs beautifully with Internet Archive Game Launcher Plugin ( and make for a surprisingly seamless retro gaming experience. Even the PS1 emulator runs quite well on the Odroid C2.
I soon found myself sucked into a session with "LoZ: A Link to the Past" so any further exploration of the setup kinda stopped.

Great lightning talk about the Hermes-Lite (, an open hardware, open source HF SDR transceiver.

Having to restrain myself from jumping in and trying to piece one of these together. Maybe after I finishing getting my old analog HF radio up and running.

Rather than continuing with LibreELEC on the Odroid C2, I decided to check out CoreELEC.

CoreELEC is a more ARM focused distro, and runs the new 18.x (Leia) version of Kodi. Installation was simple on an eMMC and I ran into no issues

The new Kodi version is apparently better able to handles streaming video, and I was able to install a Netflix addon which was never possible before! It also seems like there are some nifty "Live TV" PVR/DVR integrations available now that look very interesting.

Received a couple eMMC chips for my old Odroid C1 and C2 today. Ameridroid was having a sale, and it seemed like a good excuse to move off the SD cards they're currently using.

So the project for today is to setup/upgrade these systems on the new storage chips.

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