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This doesn't seem terribly practical, but a very cool concept. Reworking Arduboy on OSHpark's flex service to make Arduflexboy.

Almost have all the components together for a little CloudShell2 NAS. That last drive can't come fast enough!

The dat mirror of POC||GTFO has been updated with issue 19. If you have beakerbrowser, or are otherwise capable of viewing dat sites, there is a portal at: dat://

The full archive of journals (around 1GB) can be found at:

I forget which of you fosstodon folks mentioned it, but I've added the "Late Night Linux" podcast to my feed and I've really been enjoying it. So thank you.

FirstToken (a youtube channel that posts radio oddities received by a station in the Mojave Desert) posted a slew of transmissions received from HAARP this morning.
The first of several:

This was part of a transmission artwork by Amanda Dawn Christie called "Ghosts in the Air Glow."
It's been delightful and fascinating to dig into. I hope HAARP continues projects like this. Meanwhile, I need to get my HF rig back on the air!

Finally stopped procrastinating and dove in. Came to the realization this should probably be done on two boards. The first board (a socket for an SP-353 panaplex display) is nearly ready for a test run!

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Blog post on my server setup:

little bonus note: multi-stage docker builds are *the shit* for building, then deploying any kind of web code generically:

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Been writing up how basic Dat support is implemented in Firefox with dat-fox:

Next post will be how dat-webext fixes all the shortcomings that dat-fox has!

I just switched my local development environment for my day job over to Lando (a docker abstraction/utility), and dang! I'm impressed. We integrate with Pantheon mostly at work, and its really solved some annoyances I've had.

(Re-reading this it sounds awfully ad-like. I am in no way affiliated with Lando. It was just a pleasant surprise.)

Is today the day I buckle down and do the PCB layout for this schematic? It's going to be a bear, and I keep finding excuses to put it off. Come to think of it, I'm, pretty sure I have som laundry to do.

Having a beer and digging through a few subsections of the KiCad docs. A pleasant way to spend a chilly evening.

Does anyone have experience using yunohost? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

The project looks very active, and is very tempting. Mostly I'm debating between a utility "distro" like this vs just setting everything up myself.

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Any suggestions for #p2p and #dweb people go follow on the fediverse?

160v panaplex display wired up to an Arduino running the blink sketch.

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Not the prettiest job, but cobbled together a test rig for a surface mount transistor. Want to be sure it can switch a low current 160v before I commit.

DigiKey day!
Among other things I received this 4x20 OLED character display that I'm very excited to start tinkering around with.

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