@davidblinux Ya it's great. I use nextcloud to sync contacts, but its been perfect for passing my keepass store around.

Thanks to you Fosstodonians for turning me onto Syncthing. Finally gave it a try this evening, and dang it's handy!

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Researching various topics has me thinking about microcomputers, personal computers and computers in the service of people (as opposed to the other way around).

There was a huge increase in freedom when the microcomputer put programmable computers within reach of an exponentially larger audience than the existing institutional-scale machines. In a way those computers have grown back into the machines they replaced, and the freedom of users, programmers & operators has been repealed almost completely (how different is "the cloud" from the mainframe of yore?).

We could have small, personal and free computers again, if we accept the limitation that these computers can't do everything the "big" computers can do. We made that bargain once back in the 70's, and maybe it's time to try it again?

@oranje @kelbot I've thought about solar many times for our place. Sadly our roof's ridge-line runs North/South so its not optimal for an installation. I'm considering it anyway. Even just a few panels to offset the electricity used in my office/home lab.

Couldn't agree more about things with moving parts. Even with diligent maintenance, it will inevitably break down.

Equifax hack 

Equifax hack 

Took some notes while setting up the VICE C64 emulator on the Pocket CHIP.

My end goal was to be able to conveniently practice with the defMON tracker, but it wound up being a lot of fun to just mess around with old Commodore applications in a portable form factor.


This has probably made the rounds here already, but its worth reiterating.

While the Equifax punishment is somewhat laughable its important that they pay it in full.


@drisc Sadly Next Thing did shut down. However, there's still a pretty active community around it at chip-community.org and they detail how to swap the sources off Next Thing.


Spent some time last week working with the pocket chip. A bit of that time included rearranging the homepage launcher.

@brandon @one
I question the credentials of Old El Paso reguarding tex-mex taxonomy. ;) Interestingly the fajita wiki is very diplomatic, switching from taco, to wrap, to just "on a tortilla".

@brandon haha, yeah I think it just differs depending on where you are (sorta like soda, pop, coke, etc). There is a heavy influence from Mexico here, and folks have some strong opinions about Tacos.

fwiw I agree with @one 's burrito definition. Larger, often grilled or pressed. However, I would argue that Fajita is a subset of Taco.

@brandon There is a regional joke here (south central Texas) that Burritos are what folks north of I-20 call Tacos.

@mike I played the trombone when I was younger. The best advice I can give is "practice mute".

@davidblinux TIL you can export your youtube subscriptions to an opml. Thanks for the tip!

@DistroJunkie The second half has been like a completely different game. Still, the Netherlands have been impressive this whole series. I look forward to seeing them play again next time around.

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