@cooper It may be worth looking at a local ham swap/fest in your area (if you have one coming up). You can usually find a good deal on a slightly older dual band rig. A good way to dip a toe in without parting with a ton of cash.

@Tay0 Ah, I've heard that even with the garden varieties. Like very explicitly saying, "Be sure to only harvest the ones that have fallen on their own and have turned yellow," "Don't eat the green ones," etc. So yeah, I'd be cautious with the wilder varieties as well, if you're seeing reports of that.

@Tay0 Nice! We've been growing them for a few years now, they're definitely a favorite. My SO especially loves them.

I believe the variety we have is called "Aunt Molly's" but I know there are several.

@Tay0 They're in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, like tomatoes and peppers, and grow a lot like tomatillos. The variety I have tends to creep rather than growing upright. They're ready when they fall off the plant, and the inner fruit turns yellow. They put off a ton, so you find them hiding all over the place. The flavor is sweet and pleasant, and they keep on the counter in their husks for several weeks. A lot of folks make preserves and pies out of them (I imagine this is delicious.)

The ground cherries are really going off this year! Love these little things. Super productive and a sweet almost tropical strawberry kinda flavor.

I was excited when my SO asked if I could setup a NFS for her to archive a lot of her older video and design work. However, it dawned on me soon afterword that my little hobby NAS was no longer so 'hobby'. So finally setup some automatic offsite backups.

I decided on restic going to a b2 bucket, triggered with a systemd timer. Seems to be working great so far.

@Tay0 Yeah I think so, at least a few. It was very easy, and a lot of fun shaking out all the potatoes. Sure beats digging them up.

@Tay0 These are French Fingerling and Kennebec White. Harvest was really easy, we dumped the bags out in a wheelbarrow and just picked them out.

Potatoes in bags, first harvest.

A couple of our plants saw a lot of insect pressure and started dying back a little early. So we decided to harvest them and see what was going on in there. We got potatoes!

I'm very excited to see the harvest from the plants that fared better with the insects.

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@Tay0 I've never seen St. Augustine explode with growth like it has in the last couple weeks.

@hund I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing. It sounds like you and I had a very similar path to Vim usage.

Think I'll jump in and see how Neovim sits with me. It doesn't sound like it'll cause too much of a interruption (if any).

I've been thinking of diving into Neovim lately. It seems like it's come a long way and now has a fairly large adoption.

Anyone use Neovim? Love it, hate it? Worth the switch for a long time Vim user?

Update on the growing potatoes in bags experiment.

As the potato plants grew I would mound up around them by adding more soil and unrolling the bag. Eventually the bags were completely filled up. Now it's just a waiting game while they do their thing.

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Greg Moss, The FOSS Boss holding it down at LinuxCon Worldwide 2021. (TouTube) 

@Tay0 I think their 'expert' is really popular, but I only need 2 buttons and liked the look of the 'orbit' better.

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