For fun here is the tail end of a time lapse I had running while piecing this together.

Left hand side of the ErgoDox populated! A bit tedious but nothing difficult.

@mplammers I agree! He has some interesting workflow setups as well.

A very encouraging update from IPFS reguarding browser support. Sounds like Brave is making real moves in this space, with Opera and Firefox not far behind. I've spent a good bit of time experimenting with the Dat protocol (my hobby site is even accessible via dat), but maybe its time I start taking a closer look at the Interplanetary File System.

Digi-Key day! More components for the keyboard. Mostly passives and the I/O expander, still waiting on the teensy.
Suppose its time to cleanup my shamefully cluttered workbench. 😳

@hund Why are folks avoiding them? Are Kailh or Gateron more commonly preferred? I always heard Cherry MX had the "better" switches, though I very well may be falling prey to marketing.

The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.

@icanswiftabit I didn't realize this was a thing. After looking it up, I think I very well may, the te sockets seem relatively cheap and easy to install. Not really seeing too many downsides. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Have you used them before? Would you recommend them?

Sad to say but these are going to the compost. I let the okra get out ahead of me, and a good batch of them got too big and therefore too tough to eat.

Oh wow! It looks like Jeri Ellsworth is ready to roll out the Tilt Five AR system along with several updates on how it works. I'm very much looking forward to this.

Anyone using an Ergodox keyboard? If so I'd love to know your thoughts on the experience.

Was it difficult to adjust to? Have you found that you customize it a lot or just use the defaults? Are you happy to stick with it or are you looking to go back to a more classic layout?

@neauoire I've certainly experienced this with a group before. I I love the name "Abilene Paradox."

Group dynamics aside; having been to both Abilene and Coleman many times, I can safely say you're better off just chilling in Coleman. You're not missing anything in Abilene.

Trying for a Fall/Winter garden for the first time this year, and it's time (for my zone) to start thinking about what to put in. So I'm having a lovely day, browsing my seed box and catalogues, and pacing around the garden all 🤔.

@glyph Perhaps you saw Ken LaCosse's essay?
It was certainly one of the initial references I was using.

The closest thing I had to a mentor were all the Shakuhachi videos that Perry Yung had up at the time. I recall many hours trying to get hole size and position just right, and it never being quite perfect. Regardless I was able to produce a few playable flutes. It was a very rewarding craft to try and learn.

@glyph I did for a while in the past. I even spent a good bit of time trying my hand at making natural bore flutes with some local Golden Bamboo I harvested and dried. I still have a couple kicking around, and pick them up every now and then.

Job Gripes (ish) 

@neauoire Yep using the same tags as you. Twitter has always displayed correctly for me. I'm wondering if the .pizza suffix is throwing off a conditional somewhere.

Perhaps I'll continue searching in the issue queue.

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