@th Mouse melons!
Is the vine taking over everything? I heard they can get crazy.

"Hated" is a bit strong here, "severely disliked" is probably more accurate.

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A bit of a confession:

For a long time I hated Mozilla pushing pocket all the time, but this last week I caved and gave it a try and I'm finding myself really liking it.

Saw "Project Code Rush" making the rounds again today. So took another trip to some 90's tech nostalgia.

A documentary about Netscape''s transition to Mozilla, and the push to open source their code during the height of the browser wars. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch.


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@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into #OSHW

That's really cool! A bummer he was laid off, but it sounds like a lovely and peaceful way to spend your remaining years.

I know there is a whole world / subculture hybridizing these, and it's fascinating. In our zone I'm lucky to keep them going, but it's a joy when they do well and give blooms.

Though this thing was a gonner after it froze solid over the Winter. We were shocked to see it coming back this Spring, and now the first bloom of the year!

@OBO You know it!
Nearly done writing a new custom face for this thing.

A few notable standouts that I've used today:

+ OTA device firmware updates.
+ Dashboard showing all devices and simple state switches for capable devices.
+ Zigbee mesh network map.
+ Touchlink factory reset broadcasts for devices with no hardware reset.

Some of this has been in the project all along, but it feels like a coherent package now.

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@Tay0 In all seriousness though, that sounds like a fun project. I've wanted to get more into energy monitoring myself. I think more granular usage data would be fascinating, and I imagine with a generator in the mix that would add some interesting variables.

@Tay0 I'm sure that works great as long as the internet is up. 🙄 😅

Spending time today rebuilding my Zigbee integrations around the house. Grabbed the newest Zigbee2MQTT and wow, they've added a lot to this project!

The web-ui alone is so handy.

@Tay0 Hopefully yall get a good soak out of it.

I forgot to mention the creator of this project is on the fedi!

Thank you for seeing this through @joeycastillo it's super cool!

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It's a watch!

Working great. Was able to go through the setup easy enough, including setting Lat/Lon.

I think I'm going to roll with the stock firmware for a week or so just to feel it out, though I'm already itching to flash some timers onto this thing.

This screen is showing the time of today's sunset.

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Dove into the F-91W/Sensor Watch assembly. Overall pretty straight forward. Some light magnification helped my older eyes, but I don't think it is necessary.

The only finicky bit was the buzzer spring connector, but the inserts in the PCB made that a fairly easy solder job once it's finagled in place.

Documentation and assembly video were great (and refreshing). Also don't forget to connect the sensor if you have one! The addendum document makes that clear, but it''s not in the video.

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@Tay0 In that case I'll try to keep you posted!

Your collection is truly envious. I picked up a Watchy for myself a while back btw. Mostly based on seeing your posts about it.

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