This evening I stood up Jellyfin on my little Odroid NAS, and sorted through all my random albums using beets. I don't imagine it could handle transcoding very well, but as a little music server its performing very well.

*They had exceeded their expected max outage on thermal resources by nearly double.

Yeesh, I'm going to stop typing now. 😶

@Tay0 Also gave more explanation on the twitters.

But yeah, seemed like a massive preparation fail on the plant's part after more or less ignoring the recommendations made the last time. You clearly have a better window into all that, but it seems like maybe some threats of consequences for these generation co's would have been helpful.

@Tay0 Yeah I actually kicked off a data scraper for a strangely obscure ''public' data set ERCOT had. It was just a table of zipped CSV's of ""Hourly Resource Outage Capacity". At the peak it was wild. They had exceeded their expected max outage by on thermal resources by nearly double.

I've since stopped the data scraping as things calmed down, but you can see the last few runs here

@Tay0 Heh, apologies to wax on, I may have had a few after a very long and strange week.

@Tay0 It's impressive. They're where the rubber hits the road for keeping modern civilization propped up.

@Tay0 You're all out there fighting, I should say. And I for one greatly respect and appreciate it.
For whatever that's worth.

@Tay0 This has been the most epic of fails. However, I've never had more respect for linemen (and I've always had a high appreciation for that trade). This is a once in a generation battle they're out there fighting.

@Tay0 The flute is certainly does something for me.

You know, I've really grown to love the music of Jethro Tull.

@aral Really enjoyed this, thank you!

Do y'all happen to have an RSS feed for these videos? I was looking around for one, but couldn't seem to find it. I'd love to keep up with them as they're released.

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Small is Beautiful – live in 30 minutes (5PM UTC) with Paul Frazee talking about CTZN, the new distributed social network he’s building on the Hypercore Protocol.

(If you want to join the stream and ask a question or add your thoughts, have your webcam and headphones ready and we will give the studio link during the stream.)

@Tay0 Yeah that sounds like a real pain, and generator would be a simple and reliable way to go in an emergency situation. I may just mess around with a smaller battery project (because it does sound interesting) while I look into whole house generators.

I've been wanting to prototype something for the office to kind of act as an oversized UPS for the network, computers, radios, etc, and there's a supply of used 18650's here thanks to all the scooter and ebike startups that flooded the city.

@Tay0 What were your biggest problems/frustrations with batteries?

@Tay0 That'd certainly do it, and a nice piece of mind.

With the week were having in Central Texas, I think a solar installation and some large battery backups may have moved up the project list.

A very rare sight on the sunrise loop from GOES-16 this morning. ❄️

@Tay0 Same, dropped everything to batten down the hatches. Protecting pipes and plants, then hunkering down with hot meals and cold beers. Could be worse I guess.

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