@preto There's probably something better out there for your specific use case, but I use VLC on android to play local media.

@neildarlow For sure, got em all in version control so they aren't going anywhere.

More and more I'm thinking of deleting my dotfiles and starting over fresh. There is years of cruft in there, and at this point it feels a bit too daunting to walk through it all.

@kelbot Can't get over how sharp those Odroid Go mods look.

Installing ALARM on an SBC this morning. Every time I walk through this I think "I should write an Ansible playbook to handle everything" and every time I talk myself out of it because "how often would I really need it."

You think I'd learn eventually.

Oh this is too cool. Wireless streaming multiplayer on the Odroid-Go Advance.


@vancha Yeah, I think of MQTT like a pub-sub. It isn't entirely necessary, but its helpful when you have a lot of sensor messaging coming in (or controller messaging going out), kinda centralizes and standardizes everything. I wound up setting it up because I was using a mix of 'off the shelf' devices, and wanted to interface with all the message data in a consistent way.

@vancha I've had some luck toggling a heater in a cold frame based on temp using a single board computer, MQTT, and Node-RED. This can also be exposed to home assistant and I imagine openhab as well (though I don't have any experience with it.)
As a bonus I also piped the MQTT data into influxDB so I could visualize it with grafana.

Wiring up this little magnetic switching circuit breaker for an old radio, and I cant stop fidgeting with it. Something about the sound and the action, so nice.

DatConf 2020 is today and tomorrow. They just got started, excited to see what they've been up to since the change to hyper protocol.


Just hung a fire extinguisher under the project bench. Probably should have done that a long time ago. 😬


@oranje Woah that would be fantastic! In general the next time you're down this way it'd be good to grab a beer or something. Impromptu fedi-meetup.


@oranje Damn, that is so cool.


@oranje Out of curiosity are you the source of said grassfed beef?

@randynose That really sucks. I get why someone may want do that, but indiscriminately laying out poison is pretty reckless.

@randynose Squirrels just don't stop. Been having a battle of wits with a couple over our veggie garden. 🐿️

@randynose I've had good luck using ffmpeg to convert gifs to mp4's. The files are way smaller and if the mp4 does not have sound it will autoplay here.

I've had the HOPE livestream on all day and have really enjoyed the talks. Up next is Cory Doctorow with the keynote!


Following along with the BSides SATX talks today. Its all virtual this year, but they're doing a great job keeping it interactive.


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