Spent the last two days on a deep dive in Drupal's caching system. Finally coming back up to the surface and feeling pretty good about things. I don't say that often while working with Drupal.

@kopfkind Circling back here to say thank you for posting this! I'd never heard of VimWiki before and gave it a look after seeing your toot. The last couple days I've been using it to jot down notes for some research I've been doing for work, and already I love it.

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Today I thought about this little IC I've been holding on to for a while. It's a PT2399 echo audio processor. I think the time has come to give it a go.

One more today just because I'm very pleased with the result. SO suggested we make a sandwich loaf while I had the baking stuff out.
I promise this isn't just a food and garden account. 😅

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We ran out of tortillas for the daily taco rations. Dug up an old recipe and fixed that in a hurry.

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Today is the day the pepper, tomato, and cucumber starts go in the ground. It also looks like the fig tree we planted earlier in the Winter made it through!

@Tayo Love it! Could talk your SO into posting the recipe?

@kelbot The last few days I've been burning a shameful amount of time playing Harvest Moon for the NES.

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There is a backlog of half written blog posts sitting in my site's repo, and I think I'm experiencing a writing paralysis because of it. Part of me wants to just scrap them all and start with what I'm working on now, but I think I need to just pick one, focus only on that, and try to push something out. Maybe that will be enough to gain some momentum again.

Interesting Computerphile interview with Masayuki Uemura about his experience developing FamiCom at Nintendo.


TIL about file attributes in Linux.
lsattr and chattr
Reading through the man docs is kinda blowing my mind. I had no idea this even existed.

@kelbot It does seem like you have to stick to a manufacturers 'ecosystem' though. I've been considering Stihl's stuff, but I'm curious who you went with? Would you go with them again?

@dctrud @Tayo I've always heard that Honda's small engines are awfully reliable. I've just got this little Briggs & Stratton. It does pretty well if you're willing to work on it every couple seasons. I might give your non ethanol fuel trick a try at the end of the year and see if it helps.

@kelbot @Tayo This is where I'd like to be. It seems electric mowers have come a long way. Barely any maintenance, can store things vertically without worrying about stuff leaking, etc etc.
Ultimately though the plan is to get rid of the grass all together.

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