Wiring up this little magnetic switching circuit breaker for an old radio, and I cant stop fidgeting with it. Something about the sound and the action, so nice.

Looks like this old Ten-Tec power supply still works! Testing out the endpoints to try and make up a cable to power my Ten-Tec Argosy HF radio.

Having to scale things up with the cucumbers! Fermenting this time; +3% brine, shooting for half sours.

Consistent harvests of Summer vegetables coming out of the garden now. A whole mess of hot peppers are not too far behind.

Potentially annoying animation 

Spent some time today messing around with a simple pure CSS illustration, then way too much time with CSS animations.

I have a new appreciation for the work involved in some of incredible CSS art I've seen floating around. It's not easy.

So far pickle consumption has kept pace with cucumber production. Looks like that will soon change, hope the neighbors like cucumbers.

First cucumbers of the year coming off the vine today!

Diodes and resistors in place. Taking a break to uncross my eyes, and maybe go work in the veggie garden for a bit.

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A Delptronics LDB-1se drum machine kit arrived today. Shipped quickly and arrived in 1 day (though we're in the same city) and well packaged. Excited to get this thing together!

Finally listened to the last 'Future of Coding' podcast and was inspired to check out Orca. It seemed like the old PocketChip was a good candidate for an install. The build went fine, and seems to run great. Time to dive in.

Today I thought about this little IC I've been holding on to for a while. It's a PT2399 echo audio processor. I think the time has come to give it a go.

One more today just because I'm very pleased with the result. SO suggested we make a sandwich loaf while I had the baking stuff out.
I promise this isn't just a food and garden account. 😅

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We ran out of tortillas for the daily taco rations. Dug up an old recipe and fixed that in a hurry.

Today is the day the pepper, tomato, and cucumber starts go in the ground. It also looks like the fig tree we planted earlier in the Winter made it through!

With the last of the radishes coming out of the garden I thought I'd give pickling them a try, and while the vinegar was out may as well pickle some onions too!

Setting up for a long smoke in the Webber Kettle today. I use a little 433mhz temp sensor for both the cooker and the food. I got curious if my rtl-433 to MQTT setup would pick it up, and sure enough!

It's a happy feeling to get a harvest this time of year, even if it's tiny. Definitely a crop I'll be growing in future Winters. The cool weather keeps them very mild.

Experimenting with automating a small oil heater in the cold frame to take the edge off some of these cold February mornings. Wired up a GFCI outlet with a Zigbee controller that I have talking with my Home Assistant installation.

Using this as practice for a thermostat project I've been thinking about for the house.

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