For fun here is the tail end of a time lapse I had running while piecing this together.

Left hand side of the ErgoDox populated! A bit tedious but nothing difficult.

Digi-Key day! More components for the keyboard. Mostly passives and the I/O expander, still waiting on the teensy.
Suppose its time to cleanup my shamefully cluttered workbench. 😳

The switches arrived today! Surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that had them in stock.

Sad to say but these are going to the compost. I let the okra get out ahead of me, and a good batch of them got too big and therefore too tough to eat.

Spent some time last week working with the pocket chip. A bit of that time included rearranging the homepage launcher.

A week or so ago I hastily purchased this little network-attached TV tuner and a cheap antenna to watch World Cup on a local ota Telemundo station.

I've gotta say I'm impressed! The picture is very good, and the little device just works. I can watch the stream from VLC or use a plugin on the Kodi box on the TV. I'm by no means a fan of network television, but this setup already has me thinking about possible upgrades/improvements.

Harvested a nice flush of peppers today. Started a lacto ferment with most of them for some eventual hot sauce.

Shishitos (let them go too long but still delicious), serranos, and a yellow scotch bonnet.

A bit warm for it this evening, but few things clear my mind as well as tending a fire. Solutions to long standing problems, perspective on where I am in my life, generally just stopping and checking in with myself.

Tweaked the nmon options for the tiny Cloudshell2 display. I found this much more useful than the default from

CPU and Drive activity at a glance and removed network activity, as it made very little sense when using a bunch of docker containers.

After install you can tweak this by editing /bin/cloudshell-nmon and changing the default option string near the bottom.
This output uses:
export NMON=xtfcdG

Swapped the stock fan in the CloudShell 2 to something quieter.

Fit perfectly and sooo much better.

Made it to San Antonio today for BSidesSATX, and I gotta say, it's a bit weird to see this particular sponsor.

Some beautiful thunderstorms rolling by Austin today.

Very eager to jump into this one!
I grew up in Lubbock, and spent a lot of time on local BBSes. Often I'd read cDc textfiles when I was waiting on my move allotment for TradeWars 2002 to increment. I was a bit too young to fully understand what I was reading, but I was completely fascinated.

Stair building done! No more jumping up the wall to the garden.

Rather than continuing with LibreELEC on the Odroid C2, I decided to check out CoreELEC.

CoreELEC is a more ARM focused distro, and runs the new 18.x (Leia) version of Kodi. Installation was simple on an eMMC and I ran into no issues

The new Kodi version is apparently better able to handles streaming video, and I was able to install a Netflix addon which was never possible before! It also seems like there are some nifty "Live TV" PVR/DVR integrations available now that look very interesting.

First peppers out of the garden! Got an early start with the vegetables this season so looking like it'll be a good year.

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