The ground cherries are really going off this year! Love these little things. Super productive and a sweet almost tropical strawberry kinda flavor.

What are these "ground cherries" of which you toot?

@Tay0 They're in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, like tomatoes and peppers, and grow a lot like tomatillos. The variety I have tends to creep rather than growing upright. They're ready when they fall off the plant, and the inner fruit turns yellow. They put off a ton, so you find them hiding all over the place. The flavor is sweet and pleasant, and they keep on the counter in their husks for several weeks. A lot of folks make preserves and pies out of them (I imagine this is delicious.)

Yeah, I've been looking into them since I saw your toot. Gonna find some seeds for next year. Got to try these out.

@Tay0 Nice! We've been growing them for a few years now, they're definitely a favorite. My SO especially loves them.

I believe the variety we have is called "Aunt Molly's" but I know there are several.

That seems to be a very common variety. We have Chinese Lanterns growing wild in our pastures. Apparently these are a variety of ground cherries and are edible.

Hopefully the cattle and birds haven't eaten all of them. Gonna look for some tomorrow.

Well, now I'm reading that they're toxic. Conflicting sources. I guess I'll err on the side of caution.

@Tay0 Ah, I've heard that even with the garden varieties. Like very explicitly saying, "Be sure to only harvest the ones that have fallen on their own and have turned yellow," "Don't eat the green ones," etc. So yeah, I'd be cautious with the wilder varieties as well, if you're seeing reports of that.

@rho Man they are tasty when ripe (tho a lot of seeds). They grow like weeds(actual weed too :D) in northern-central part of India.

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