One of this year's garden experiments will be trying potatoes in bags. I'm using some insulated reflective bags (and one dog food bag) saved from imperfect produce deliveries earlier in the year. I don't expect they'll hold up too well out in the sun, but figured it was worth a shot just to test the method.

Update on the growing potatoes in bags experiment.

As the potato plants grew I would mound up around them by adding more soil and unrolling the bag. Eventually the bags were completely filled up. Now it's just a waiting game while they do their thing.


Potatoes in bags, first harvest.

A couple of our plants saw a lot of insect pressure and started dying back a little early. So we decided to harvest them and see what was going on in there. We got potatoes!

I'm very excited to see the harvest from the plants that fared better with the insects.

What kind of potatoes are they? Looks like a bumper crop. Was it hard to get them out of the bags?

@Tay0 These are French Fingerling and Kennebec White. Harvest was really easy, we dumped the bags out in a wheelbarrow and just picked them out.

Wondering if I could do this with empty chicken feed sacks.

I guess the ultimate question is, are you going to do it again?

@Tay0 Yeah I think so, at least a few. It was very easy, and a lot of fun shaking out all the potatoes. Sure beats digging them up.

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