With the week were having in Central Texas, I think a solar installation and some large battery backups may have moved up the project list.

@rho For me it's a Generac LPG whole house generator.

@Tay0 That'd certainly do it, and a nice piece of mind.

@rho Yeah, I have solar panels. They didn't do much today. I really just don't want to deal with batteries again.

@Tay0 What were your biggest problems/frustrations with batteries?

@rho Cost, Shipping cost, daily monitoring maintenance, can't let them get too hot or cold, hydrogen, weight and they only last about 5-7 years, depending on how well you did. Yeah (just looking at that list of reasons), I don't want batteries again. Much rather be grid intertie with generator backup.

@Tay0 Yeah that sounds like a real pain, and generator would be a simple and reliable way to go in an emergency situation. I may just mess around with a smaller battery project (because it does sound interesting) while I look into whole house generators.

I've been wanting to prototype something for the office to kind of act as an oversized UPS for the network, computers, radios, etc, and there's a supply of used 18650's here thanks to all the scooter and ebike startups that flooded the city.

@rho batteries are the most expensive part of a solar setup. Go as small as you can get away with.

@rho invest into a decent generator instead. says the man with solar panels and the generator.

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