Pulled the final Orange Thai pepper harvest this weekend. Decided to experiment with smoking a drying for powder. A few hours on Mesquite then finishing them off in a dehydrator. They turned out great! Nice smokey flavor, but still has some punchy heat.

@rho Those look fantastic! Are you smoking them on a Bacon splatter screen?

@rho That's great idea. I'm stealing it. Do you grow those from saved seeds?

@Tay0 This was my first year for that variety, but I did grow it from seed. I'm very impressed with it, and have saved some seed to add to my 'grows well here' collection.

The splatter screen was kinda impromptu, but did the job nicely. I never really liked using it for its intended purpose anyway.

@rho impressive ! have you used the smoked ones in a recipe yet ?


I've used the powder quite a bit. Mostly just giving something a dusting like you would with salt and pepper. I've tried it on potato salad (fantastic), mac and chz, tacos, pizza, and popped corn. I'd like to try using a few of the whole ones in an adobo sauce sometime soon.

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