So far pickle consumption has kept pace with cucumber production. Looks like that will soon change, hope the neighbors like cucumbers.

@rho just getting started her in canada - we actually had snow a week ago - 20 pumpkin plants getting ready for halloween - cukes beans squash etc too

@johnbessa How many pumpkins do you expect to get off 20 plants? We were thinking of giving them a try this year with maybe a couple plants going in around July.

Also, wow, still getting snow! We've been sitting in the 90's (mid 30's C) this last week.

@rho seriously don't know - last year, I planted a few varieties to get the bees to cross-pollinate (if that is how it works) to make a local breed - if my plan worked it should be many, hoping to sponsor a jack-o-lantern event (so I can get the seeds back)

@rho feels like the mid-90s here - temp is relative to where you live!

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