Is it possible to stand up a mastodon or instance that doesn't federate at all?

To clarify, I'm sure its possible to hack something together that blocks activity pub, but I can't tell if its a built in option somewhere. Probably just need to dive in and try it.

@rho you can put it in whitelist-only federation mode and then simply not have anything in the whitelist, I suppose

@djsundog This is a good idea, and I bet that'd do it, thanks!

It's kind of a strange problem. I've found myself looking for a private 'social network' solution to replace a large group text thread (of not too tech savvy folks) that's getting out of control. Of course Mastodon was the first thing that came to mind.

@rho @djsundog guess forums wouldn't work as there isn't a good phone app.

@jordan31 @djsundog I'm concerned it would be a bit too confusing and I'd wind up stuck in support hell with older relatives. Granted, I may end up there anyway after getting them on a mastodon instance.

@rho based on how most federation protocols work, i feel like it would be a fairly easy thing to do. Probably just change or omit a dns record.

@brandon Perfect, this is exactly what I was after. Thank you!

@rho My pleasure! Glad I could help :) I couldn't remember what it was called and it was bothering me too :P

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