Success getting temp and humidity data from two off the shelf 433mhz sensors (one in the garden, and one in the cold frame). Then piping that to MQTT. Using an RTL-SDR dongle, a small dipole, and rtl_433.

It was only after this initial excitement that I realized it probably makes more sense to send this directly to influx db. 🤦‍♂️

After more sleep and less beer I came to my senses. I do want MQTT here, and I simply needed to use something like telegraf to get the data over to influx. Starting to come together now!

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Spent last night getting rtl_433 dockerized ( and running more permanently on a little Odroid that sits on the network.

Now I can't stop watching the graph of the garden temps. Every 5 minutes, pull up grafana, "yep still cold."

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